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on the results of the rst and calculates the aggregates for the grouping set (empid, YEAR(orderdate)) and the empty grouping set. The second branch of the plan sorts the data by YEAR(orderdate), custid to allow the Stream Aggregate operator that follows to calculate aggregates for the grouping set (custid, YEAR(orderdate)). Following is a query that is logically equivalent to the previous one, except that this one actually invokes four GROUP BY queries one for each grouping set and uni es their result sets:
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System.Threading s Timer class
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<Employees LastName="Esposito" FirstName="Dino" /> <Employees LastName="Esposito" FirstName="Michela" /> </ROOT>' INSERT Employees SELECT * Employees FROM OPENXML(@handle, N'/ROOT/Employees') WITH
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<PropertyGroup> <!-- aspnet_regiis.exe requires a path without the trailing slash --> <_OutputPathNoTrailingSlash>Out_JS01\$(Configuration)</_OutputPathNoTrailingSlash> <!-- Customize output location using the OutputPath property --> <OutputPath>$(_OutputPathNoTrailingSlash)\</OutputPath> <_WebProject>$(SourceWebPhysicalPath)\WebApplication1.csproj</_WebProject> <ContribRoot>..\..\BUILD\GenericBuild\Contrib\</ContribRoot> </PropertyGroup> <!-- JSCompress task is contained in MSBuildCommunityTasks --> <Import Project="$(ContribRoot)MSBuildCommunityTasks\MSBuild.Community.Tasks.targets" />
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FIGURE 4-17 Configuring the folder structure by entity
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with the logically equivalent expression SUM(qty*y<some_year>) AS [<some_year>]
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FiguRe 14-15 Spatial features augmented with a region within .4 units of Line3
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VPN Deployment
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Formatting of the chart area and plot area: Fully transparent by specifying None for the fill and border color . The data series have a gradient that has no informational purpose but works to support the lightness of the overall appearance . For this reason, the horizontal gridlines are in a pale blue . The brace above the plot area is a drawing object, an inserted shape taken from the repertoire of the basic shapes . The brace points to a cell (more precisely, a join of four cells), which includes a simple average formula with reference to the range G13:G28 .
Installing with XAMPP
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