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Using Group Policy
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3. In the details pane, right-click the appropriate demand-dial interface and then click Update Routes. You can also use the netsh routing ip rip update command with the netsh interface set interface command to perform an auto-static update at the command prompt. You can automate scheduled updates by using a combination of Netsh scripts and Task Scheduler. To perform an automated auto-static update by using RIP for IP, use the following netsh commands:
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As products and product categories mature, teams usually get much bigger, and centralization to improve efficiencies and reduce costs starts to happen naturally. This model has many names, but the shared team approach is probably the best. With the shared team approach, common features and tasks are placed into a central shared team, and the other product teams must take dependencies on this team or they won't be able to ship successfully with the right feature set. Microsoft Office is a great example. From the day someone had the brilliant idea that we should bundle our productivity applications and sell them as a suite, the Office team has been headed down the path of a shared team. In fact, Office calls this the Office Shared Services team (OSS).
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When troubleshooting, keep in mind that the network s sole purpose is to support the business that runs it. That said, you must approach each troubleshooting effort as unique and make a decision about what you need to do and when. For example, if a critical system is offline, you might take a different approach than if you are just trying to fix a minor problem.
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System.Object o = new System.Object(); System.Boolean b1 = (o is System.Object); System.Boolean b2 = (o is Employee);
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You can define custom number formats from scratch (using format codes that you have entered yourself) or you can base new number formats on existing formats . These existing formats can be both integrated number formats and your own defined creations . Note Custom number formats are saved along with the workbook in which they are created . Therefore, if you want to access a number format that you have already created, but you re now working in a new file, you must copy the number format to this new file . The next section provides information on this topic . Number formats are defined using encoding that must be stored in accordance with specific syntax rules . First, let s look at a simple example (already mentioned above): in a sequential number series, you want a leading zero to precede the one-digit numbers 1 to 9 . Using the example in Figure 6-19: 1. Select the area that contains the numbers to be formatted . In the Ribbon, activate the Home tab and click the lower right arrow symbol in the Number group . The Format Cells dialog box is displayed with the active Number tab . (Alternative procedure: rightclick the selected table area and choose the Format Cells command from the context menu . Then activate the Number tab in the dialog box .) 2. On the left-hand side of the tab page, choose the Custom entry for Category . 3. Highlight the content (the current format code) in the Type input line, so that you can then overwrite it . Alternatively, simply delete the content . 4. Enter the code 00 and choose OK to assign it to the selected table area . If you want to use the format that you have defined in this way somewhere else in this workbook, open the dialog box (as described above) and choose what you need from the format list on the Number tab page . Excel places the custom number formats at the end of this list . To delete a custom format, select the format, and then click the Delete button .
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Tip 6: Set Up Custom Layouts and Themes Manually
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L2TP/IPSec Authentication Issues
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The WCF Service Templates
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The abstract TextReader and TextWriter classes are responsible for providing character-based I/O. The members provided by these classes are listed in Table 10-10.
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Animating a Value with DoubleAnimation
Part II Advanced Features
Every security update is accompanied by a security bulletin. The bulletin provides detailed information about the security update, organized in different sections, as shown in Table 12-1.
Data Access
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