Figure 3-3: Example of a folded SUPERASSERT dialog box in .net C#

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Tip Whenever you build or rebuild a partitioned index that is partitioned on a column that is
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This method has changed a lot, because we now no longer only show the bit of HTML provided by the USGS, but a title with the same information as in the list view, a distance (if we can compute one), and the back button. This method starts by extracting the position of the earthquake event from the item in the model, as well as its description and title. If the location is known, a string containing the distance in kilometers and miles is computed using the Law of Haversines (, although we could have just
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Ribbon Commands
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Each remote access policy is based on policy conditions that determine when the policy is applied. For example, a policy might include a condition that Windows-Groups matches DOMAIN1\Telecommuters; this policy would then match a connection whose user belongs to the Windows global security group Telecommuters. Figure 10-15 shows such a policy.
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Maintaining a Network Infrastructure 12-41
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Don t give a message, just show the content. Thank the user, and ask the user to restart the browser before coming back to this page. Tell users that they need to upgrade to the latest version of Silverlight, and direct them to where they can get it. Inform users that the upgrade is under way, and that once it is finished, they ll have to restart the browser. Prompt users that to get the content they need to install the Silverlight plug-in. Emphasize the content, not Silverlight. Thank users for installing Silverlight, and let them know that they might need to refresh their browser when the installation is finished. Prompt and show users an HTML view that is delivered for people who cannot install Silverlight in their environment. This can be a note that discusses the compatibility issue or an alternative HTML experience.
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Manage Your Time, Tasks, and E-Mail with Office Outlook 2007
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Yes Operator Type
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Open Windows Reliability And Performance Monitor, expand Data Collector Sets, and expand User De ned. Right-click the name of the Data Collector Set that you want to con gure and select Data Manager. On the Data Manager tab, you can accept the default values or make changes according to your data retention policy. Table 26-1 describes each option. Select Minimum Free Disk or Maximum Folders and previous data will be deleted when the limit is reached according to the Resource Policy you choose (Delete Largest or Delete Oldest). Select Apply Policy Before The Data Collector Set Starts and previous data will be deleted before the Data Collector Set creates its next log le. Select Maximum Root Path Size and previous data will be deleted when the root log folder size limit is reached.
This chapter assumes that you are already familiar with previous versions of Routing And Remote Access Services (RRAS) and will therefore focus on what is new and improved in
Lesson 1
Look at Listings 11-26 and 11-37. Apart from aesthetics, there is another important reason why the lines surrounding the script headers in those two listings switch from minus signs to equal signs. Obviously, the first two minus signs are mandatory to turn the lines into comments. What would be wrong with using only minus signs Create a SQL*Plus script to create indexes. The script should prompt for a table name and a column name (or list of column names), and then generate the index name according to the following standard: i_<tab-id>_<col-id>. Create a SQL*Plus script to produce an index overview. The script should prompt for a table name, allowing you to specify any leading part of a table name. That is, the script should automatically append a % wildcard to the value entered. Then it should produce a report of all indexes, showing the table name, index name, index type, and number of columns on which the index is based. Create a script that disables all constraints in your schema.
On top of ASP.NET and the Windows Forms is the common language specification (CLS) and the languages that follow the CLS. The CLS is a set of rules that a CLS compliant language needs to follow, ensuring that each language has a common set of features.
Creating a Refreshable Web Query
Figure B-2 : The results of displaying the HTML from Listing B-2 in Internet Explorer, using a table to format the form Listing B-2 shows how this alignment was accomplished, but in short, the answer is HTML tables. The <TABLE> tag marks the beginning of an HTML table. In Figure B-2, it s not obvious that a table was used because no table border is showing. (Many attributes can control the display of tables, and I encourage you to look at a book dedicated to HTML for more information on this subject.) Listing B-2 HTML listing showing the use of common HTML widgets and HTML tables
before you begin
In most programming scenarios, this silent overflow is undesirable and if not detected causes the application to behave in strange and unusual ways . In some rare programming scenarios (such as calculating a hash value or a checksum), however, this overflow is not only acceptable but is also desired . Different languages handle overflows in different ways . C and C++ don t consider overflows to be an error and allow the value to wrap; the application continues running . Microsoft Visual Basic, on the other hand, always considers overflows to be errors and throws an exception when it detects one . The CLR offers IL instructions that allow the compiler to choose the desired behavior . The CLR has an instruction called add that adds two values together . The add instruction performs no overflow checking . The CLR also has an instruction called add.ovf that also adds two values together . However, add.ovf throws a System.OverflowException if an overflow occurs . In addition to these two IL instructions for the add operation, the CLR also has similar IL instructions for subtraction (sub/sub.ovf), multiplication (mul/mul.ovf), and data conversions (conv/conv.ovf) . C# allows the programmer to decide how overflows should be handled . By default, overflow checking is turned off . This means that the compiler generates IL code by using the versions of the add, subtract, multiply, and conversion instructions that don t include overflow checking . As a result, the code runs faster but developers must be assured that overflows won t occur or that their code is designed to anticipate these overflows . One way to get the C# compiler to control overflows is to use the /checked+ compiler switch . This switch tells the compiler to generate code that has the overflow-checking versions of the add, subtract, multiply, and conversion IL instructions . The code executes a little slower because the CLR is checking these operations to determine whether an overflow occurred . If an overflow occurs, the CLR throws an OverflowException . In addition to having overflow checking turned on or off globally, programmers can control overflow checking in specific regions of their code . C# allows this flexibility by offering checked and unchecked operators . Here s an example that uses the unchecked operator:
Note You can also handle hashing at the database level by using PostgreSQL cryptographic functions.
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