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write unreadable code is that their code is bad. They don t say to themselves, My code is bad, so I ll make it hard to read. They just don t understand their code well enough to make it readable, which locks them into one of the lower levels. The worst code I ve ever seen was written by someone who wouldn t let anyone go near her programs. Finally, her manager threatened to fire her if she didn t cooperate. Her code was uncommented and littered with variables like x, xx, xxx, xx1, and xx2, all of which were global. Her manager s boss thought she was a great programmer because she fixed errors quickly. The quality of her code gave her abundant opportunities to demonstrate her error-correcting ability. It s no sin to be a beginner or an intermediate. It s no sin to be a competent programmer instead of a leader. The sin is in how long you remain a beginner or intermediate after you know what you have to do to improve.
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PerfTest1: PerfTest1: PerfTest2: PerfTest2: 00:00:01.9619358 00:00:06.2374912 00:00:03.1576608 00:00:03.1557822 BeforeFieldInit Precise BeforeFieldInit Precise
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class BoldInt32s : IFormatProvider, ICustomFormatter { public Object GetFormat(Type formatType) { if (formatType == typeof(ICustomFormatter)) return this; return Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture.GetFormat(formatType); } public String Format(String format, Object arg, IFormatProvider formatProvider) { String s; IFormattable formattable = arg as IFormattable; if (formattable == null) s = arg.ToString(); else s = formattable.ToString(format, formatProvider); if (arg.GetType() == typeof(Int32)) return "<B>" + s + "</B>"; return s; } }
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People who become proficient with software often look for (or create!) shortcuts to help them cut down on wasted keystrokes and mouse clicks when they do routine tasks. The 2007 Microsoft Office system includes a number of keyboard features that will make even the most ardent shortcut key lover happy. Three different levels of keyboard support are available:
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Executing the App.exe file results in "Message: Hello World!" being printed on the console. If any of the module files are missing, the CLR will report an error indicating that a dependency cannot be resolved.
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Text="%25(Server.Name): %(Server.Name)" /> Text="===========================================" /> Text="%25(Server.Type): %(Server.Type)" /> Text="===========================================" />
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Totals the identified columns. Multiplies the values. Returns the remainder after the number is divided. Number is the number or column reference you want to round. Num_digits is how many places to which you want to round the number. ROUND rounds numbers 5 and over up, and under 5 down. Works the same as ROUND, but always rounds up. Works the same as ROUND but always rounds down. Rounds numbers up to the nearest even or odd integer.
4 High-level problem-domain terms 3 Low-level problem-domain terms 2 Computer-science structures 1 Programming language tools and structures 0 Operating-system operations and machine instructions
Note You might have another solution in mind that seems like a plausible and simpler alternative to leave the SUM condition alone but change the join condition to O2.ordmonth < O1.ordmonth. This way, the query would select rows where the total through the previous month did not meet the target. However, in the end, this solution is not any easier (the AVG is hard to generate, for example); what s worse is that you might come up with a solution that does not work for employees who reach the target in their rst month.
The SharePoint Quick Launch bar is reserved for libraries and lists, so you aren t asked whether the Tip web part page should be added to the Quick Launch bar. Add a link to the web part page somewhere in your site to provide easy access for your users.
method inline so it doesn t have to be written inside its very own method . For example, the code above could be rewritten as follows:
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