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Members can add, change, or delete user and group accounts. Members can perform all administrative tasks on the computer. The built-in Administrator account that is created when the operating system is installed is a member of the group. When a member server or a client running Windows Vista, Windows XP Professional, or Windows 2000 Professional joins a domain, the Domain Admins group is made part of this group.
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Managing Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 827
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Figure 7-11 Properties used in the Form Controls in the rS1 .Method
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Strings Are Immutable
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Click Browse, select the folder to which you want to apply the le screen exception, and then click OK. The folder you select cannot already contain a le screen, but it can be a subfolder of a folder that contains a le screen. Select the groups that you want to allow, excluding them from any le screens applied to parent folders. Click OK when you are nished to return to the File Server Resource Manager console.
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Setting Windows Error Reporting Options
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Next, add a using statement for the System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts namespace. Then define the GenerateModeList method, which is called during the InitComplete event. In the event handler, write code to populate the DropDownListModes control by using the SupportedDisplayModes property of the WebPartManager control. Be sure to select the correct item in the list based on the current mode. The following sample code demonstrates this.
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Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining Network Security (3.0)
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Performing Routine Maintenance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 715
Life Without Customer Relationship Management
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Run the code in Listing 9-29 to create the fn_splitpath function.
Like Rails, Ramaze comes with a command-line project generator. You can run it like so: ramaze --create project_name. If you run ramaze --create simple, you ll see a flurry of commands fly up the screen that collectively create directories and default files for the barebones Ramaze application. I m not
Much of jQuery is about finding items on your page and then doing something with (or to) them. The jQuery functions that find items on your page are called selectors. The base function in jQuery is jQuery() or $() and works as the base selector function. There are three primary ways to pass string arguments to this function:
Building Out-of-the-Box Business Solutions
The use of #N/A as a placeholder in calculation row 24 makes it a little more difficult than usual to calculate the average . The AVERAGE function cannot be used here because a formula that recognizes the error value #N/A in its reference itself always has the value #N/A as its result . This is for a very good reason: it prevents incorrect calculations based on incomplete data . However, as you can see in the figure above and in the worksheet, this isn t a difficult problem to overcome . For a more detailed explanation of the calculation used here, refer to the Formulas section. The same applies to the formula that is used in cell J24 to determine a text that expresses the current cumulation . This is the only row in the Data 1 worksheet to contain formulas . This is different in the variant in the 0702_Indicators_02.xlsx file, which has a more convenient configuration . More about that later .
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
Allow previously unused site can use a previously ActiveX controls to run only with your explicit without prompt
listeners. An if statement can be used to determine whether it's necessary to trigger an event. To remove all registered listeners from an event, set the value of the event to null. The following code demonstrates the use of events. The example defines a TempSource class that has a read-only property Temp for setting the current temperature. TempSource notifies all registered listeners when the temperature is set. We define a TempListener class to listen to temperature change events and output a message to the console in response.
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