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Microsoft ASP.NET 4 Step by Step
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EXCEPT allows you to identify rows that appear in the rst input but not in the second.
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Finally, several test programs are included with DeadlockDetection, which comes with this book's sample files. All of them are included in the main DeadlockDetectionTests solution, and all link against DEADLOCKDETECTION.DLL, so you can use them to see how DeadlockDetection operates. What's Next for DeadlockDetection DeadlockDetection is a fairly complete utility, and I've used it successfully to track down quite a few multithreaded deadlocks. As always, however, I encourage you to look for ways that you can extend DeadlockDetection to make it more useful. Here are some of my ideas for enhancements to DeadlockDetection: Create a stand-alone application to manipulate the DEADLOCKDETECTION.INI file. Your program could be even nicer if it allowed you to set the DeadDetExt DLL and validated that the selected DeadDetExt DLL exported the correct functions. You could optimize the hook functions better if they weren't doing any logging. In that case, not all the register values need to be copied. Right now, DeadlockDetection just skips hooking a couple of DLLs that it knows about. A mechanism for specifying on a program-by-program basis which DLLs to skip would be nifty. Debugging War Story: Uncommitted Transactions with Pooled COM Objects The Battle My good friend Peter Ierardi told me about an interesting multithreading bug he encountered. He was working on a large DCOM project that used a multithreaded DCOM service to coordinate database transactions. The DCOM service managed the transactions by creating a pool of database-centric in-process COM objects, which were used to write data into and read data from his relational database management system (RDBMS). The component-to-component communication took place through Microsoft Message Queue Server (MSMQ). Even though there were explicit, transactional commits, the data didn't seem to be written to the database. The DCOM service would retry three to five times, and the data would finally appear, as if by magic. Obviously, the excessive retries were taking a toll on the application's performance, and the fact that the data wasn't being written to the database was cause for alarm. The Outcome After some heavy debugging sessions, Peter found that the DCOM service was performing the reads and writes on separate, nonsynchronized threads. The read occurred before a separate instance of the database COM object had written the data. This behavior wasn't evident during debugging sessions because the debugger was forcing the proper timing and synchronization. He eventually uncovered the problem through appropriate labeling of object instances in the event log. The Lesson The big lesson Peter said he learned from this bug was that in a large-scale distributed application such as the one he was working on, you can't assume that the debug environment will accurately represent the release environment. He solved the problem by adding appropriate synchronization code and wrapping the component-to-component communications, which originally went through MSMQ individually, into the same transaction along with the database writes such that the messages would be sent only upon transactional commits.
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FigURE 11-4 The LINQ to SQL O/R mapping tool.
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CHAPTER 6: Introducing Qt Quick
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This call is required by the Web Services Designer. InitializeComponent()
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If a screen saver is running, the computer is presumed to be idle. If a screen saver is not running, the system checks for idleness every fifteen minutes, considering the machine to be idle if there has been no keyboard or mouse input during that interval and if the disk IO and CPU usage figures were at 0 percent for 90 percent of that time.
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Now that you have the name of the property that has changed, you can perform any additional processing. If you run this application and set a breakpoint on the preceding line of code, you can see that e.PropertyName will be open.
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
Use the Office OneNote 2007 Note Flags to make sure you follow up on specific items.
your uncategorized article to select it and you will be returned to the article window with the article title now appearing in the Select Article text field.
802.11i (WPA2) encryption. You can also place access points in the perimeter network when you want to provide Internet access to the general public (such as in a coffee shop, conference room, or lobby).
AllCultures This represents all cultures included with the .NET Framework, including both neutral and specific cultures. If you use AllCultures in your code, be sure to verify that a selected culture is a specific culture before assigning it to the Culture object. neutralCultures
Description Administrative domain user account Domain Controllers group Certificate Publishers group Schema administrators group Enterprise Administrators group Policy Administrators group Administrative local user account Power Users group Account Operators group, Server only
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