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You ll see a lot more of the context especially when you write a custom HttpHandler .
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Before adding sketches and graphics to the slides, which you ll do in s 7 and 8, it s a good idea to rehearse the presentation with only the headlines on the slides. You might be more comfortable rehearsing alone at this stage, or you could rehearse with your team if you prefer to get some early feedback. To start, nd a place to rehearse either at your desk or in a conference room. Try to be aware of what you re doing with your body in relation to the computer and the screen. Stand up to put yourself in a public speaking mode. If you use a remote control device, hold it in the palm of your nondominant hand so that you can advance the slides discreetly. Press the F5 key to begin the presentation from the rst slide. Imagine the audience is in the room, and turn to face them. From the corner of your eye, glance at the rst headline that appears on the screen, using it as a prompt to remind you what you wrote in the notes area. When you ve nearly nished explaining what you want to say while that slide is displayed, discreetly advance to the next slide while you transition to the next topic with your spoken words, as prompted by the headline on the new slide. Move your body around the room in a natural way when you want to emphasize a point or indicate your enthusiasm. Be aware of where you stand in relation to the screen avoid being blinded by the light of the projector or standing in front of the projected image. Your goal should be to relate naturally to the audience using your body and voice and to use the screen to complement the presentation, not distract from it. Keep your hands at your sides except when you raise one or both of them in a gesture to support an important point. Rehearsing using only the slide headlines increases your con dence in your topic and ensures that you re comfortable with the pace and ow of ideas. If you re working with a team, it s a great idea to run through a rehearsal like this to review the story, structure, and sequence of the presentation in slide form before proceeding to the next stage.
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1. Create the presentation/templates/admin_product.tpl template file, and add the following in it: {* admin_product.tpl *} {load_admin_product assign="admin_product"} <span class="admin_page_text"> Editing product: ID #{$admin_product->mProductId} — {$admin_product->mProductName} [ {strip} <a href="{$admin_product->mAdminProductsLink|prepare_link:"https"}"> back to products ... </a> {/strip} ] </span> <form enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post" action="{$admin_product->mAdminProductTarget|prepare_link:"https"}"> <br /> <span class="admin_page_text">Product belongs to these categories:</span> <span><strong>{$admin_product->mProductCategoriesString}</strong></span> <br /><br /> <span class="admin_page_text">Remove this product from:</span> {html_options name="TargetCategoryIdRemove" options=$admin_product->mRemoveFromCategories} <input type="submit" name="RemoveFromCategory" value="Remove" {if $admin_product->mRemoveFromCategoryButtonDisabled} disabled="disabled" {/if}/> <br /><br /> <span class="admin_page_text">Set display option for this product:</span> {html_options name="ProductDisplay" options=$admin_product->mProductDisplayOptions selected=$admin_product->mProductDisplay} <input type="submit" name="SetProductDisplayOption" value="Set" /> <br /><br /> <span class="admin_page_text">Assign product to this category:</span> {html_options name="TargetCategoryIdAssign" options=$admin_product->mAssignOrMoveTo} <input type="submit" name="Assign" value="Assign" /> <br /><br /> <span class="admin_page_text">Move product to this category:</span> {html_options name="TargetCategoryIdMove" options=$admin_product->mAssignOrMoveTo} <input type="submit" name="Move" value="Move" />
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Using the IDENTITY function in a SELECT INTO statement is by far the fastest way to calculate row numbers at the server prior to SQL Server 2005. The first reason for this is that you scan the data only once, without the overhead involved with cursor manipulation. The second reason is that SELECT INTO is a minimally logged operation when the database recovery model is not FULL. However, keep in mind that you can trust it only when you don't care about the order of assignment of the row numbers. For example, the following code demonstrates how to use the IDENTITY function to create and populate a temporary table with row numbers, in no particular order: SELECT empid, qty, IDENTITY(int, 1, 1) AS rn INTO #SalesRN FROM dbo.Sales; SELECT * FROM #SalesRN; DROP TABLE #SalesRN;
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Configuring .Session .State
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Click OK at the warning that this change can t be reversed, and click OK again at the success message. Click Active Directory Domains And Trusts in the left pane at the top of the tree. Click Raise Forest Functional Level on the Action menu to open the Raise Forest Functional Level dialog box shown in Figure 7-16.
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EMPNO -------7369 7499 7521 7566 7654 7698 7782 7788 7839 7844 7876 7900 7902 7934
public static void PrepareMethod(RuntimeMethodHandle method) public static void PrepareMethod(RuntimeMethodHandle method, RuntimeTypeHandle[] instantiation) public static void PrepareDelegate(Delegate d); public static void PrepareContractedDelegate(Delegate d);
Method Method Method Method Method Method
The destination is in a different SQL Server instance . The destination queue is disabled STATUS = OFF . The most common cause of this is a poison message on the queue . See the Poison Messages section later in the chapter for more information .
FIGURE 17-13 The Configure Discovery Scope For TS Licensing page of the Add Role Services
Types of Windows Debuggers If you've been programming Win32 for any length of time, you've probably heard about several different types of debuggers that you can use. Two types of debuggers are available in the Microsoft Windows world: user-mode debuggers and kernel-mode debuggers. User-mode debuggers are much more familiar to most developers. Not surprisingly, usermode debuggers are for debugging user-mode applications. The Microsoft Visual Studio .NET debugger is a prime example of a user-mode debugger. Kernel-mode debuggers, as the names implies, let you debug the operating system kernel. These debuggers are used mostly by device driver writers when they're debugging their device drivers. User-Mode Debuggers As I just mentioned, user-mode debuggers are used to debug any application that runs in user mode, which includes any GUI programs as well as applications you wouldn't expect, such as Windows services. Generally, user-mode debuggers use GUIs. The main hallmark of user-mode debuggers is that they use the Win32 Debugging API. Because the operating system marks the debuggee as running in a special mode, you can use the IsDebuggerPresent API function to find out whether your process is running under a debugger. Checking whether you're running under a debugger can be useful when you want to turn on more diagnostic information only when a debugger is attached to your process. On Microsoft Windows 2000 and earlier operating systems, the problem with the Win32 Debugging API was that once a process was running under the Debugging API, if the debugger terminated, the debuggee terminated as well. In other words, the debuggee was permanently debugged. This limitation was fine when everyone was working on client applications, but it was the bane of server application development, especially when programmers were trying to debug production servers. With Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and later, you can attach and detach all you want from running processes without any special steps. With Visual Studio .NET, you can detach from a process by selecting it in the Processes dialog and selecting Detach. Interestingly, Visual Studio .NET now offers the Visual Studio Debugger Proxy (DbgProxy) service on Windows 2000, which allows you to debug processes that you can detach from. DbgProxy serves as the debugger, so your application is still running under a debugger. Now, however, you can detach and re-attach all you want under Windows 2000. One problem I keep seeing with developers regardless of whether we're using Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, or DbgProxy on Windows 2000 is that because we're so used to the old "debugger forever" problem, we forget to take advantage of the new ability to detach. For interpreted languages and run times that use a virtual machine approach, the virtual machines themselves provide the complete debugging environment and don't use the Win32 Debugging API. Some examples of those types of environments are the Microsoft or Sun Java Virtual Machines (VMs), the Microsoft scripting environment for Web applications, and, of course, the Microsoft .NET common language runtime (CLR). As I mentioned earlier, .NET CLR debugging is fully covered by the documents in the Tool Developers Guide directory. I also won't go into the Java and scripting debugging interfaces, subjects beyond the scope of this book. For information on writing a script debugger, search MSDN for the "Microsoft Windows Script Interfaces-Introduction" topic. Like .NET CLR debugging, the script debugger objects provide a rich interface for accessing scripts and document-hosted scripts. 139
ScopeName : HelloDotNet.exe MVID : {D9382B73-AF72-4778-8184-38EEA6400342}
public abstract Boolean IsInvalid { get { // A derived class overrides this property. // The implementation should return true if the handle's value doesn't // represent a resource (this usually means that the handle is 0 or -1) } } // These three methods have to do with security and reference counting; // I'll talk about them at the end of this section public void DangerousAddRef(ref Boolean success) {...} public IntPtr DangerousGetHandle() {...} public void DangerousRelease() {...} }
Nothing special here, just a simple data storage class. So, how do you connect to the price history data service, get the data, and provide the binding Well, it s pretty simple using the WebClient in Silverlight. The WebClient uses an instance of the System.Net.Uri class to define the address. So, here s the code to create one of these called uri:
Figure 2-5.
Again, you ll notice that the SafeHandleZeroOrMinusOneIsInvalid class is abstract, and therefore, another class must be derived from this one to override the protected constructor and the abstract method ReleaseHandle . The .NET Framework provides just a few public classes derived from SafeHandleZeroOrMinusOneIsInvalid, including SafeFileHandle, SafeRegistryHandle, SafeWaitHandle, and SafeBuffer . Here is what the SafeFileHandle class looks like:
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