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Sinatra calls itself a DSL for quickly creating web applications. It s not a framework in the typical sense, and many Sinatra developers prefer to refer to it as a library that offers HTTP deployment functionality. In essence, however, it s a very lightweight web application framework that lets you either add HTTP functionality to existing apps or build new ones from scratch as simply as possible. Sinatra was initially developed solely by Blake Mizerany, and first appeared in 2007, but it was not until early 2009 that its popularity exploded, and now there are many developers responsible for it. To install Sinatra, you can just run gem install sinatra or visit the project s homepage at http://sinatrarb.com/.
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SELECT O1.empid, CONVERT(VARCHAR(7), O1.ordmonth, 121) AS ordmonth, O1.qty AS qtythismonth, (SELECT SUM(O2.qty) FROM dbo.EmpOrders AS O2 WHERE O2.empid = O1.empid AND O2.ordmonth <= O1.ordmonth) AS totalqty FROM dbo.EmpOrders AS O1 GROUP BY O1.empid, O1.ordmonth, O1.qty;
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Configure a user profile provider. The profile provider class is used to store and retrieve user profile information to and from a database. There is a default provider for Microsoft SQL Server. You can also create your own custom profile providers. Define the user profile. Set up the fields you want to track for a user profile by using the Web.config file. These fields are used by ASP.NET to store data and return it to you in a strongly typed class. Uniquely identify users. You can identify both anonymous and authenticated users of your site. You use a unique value to return a user s profile from the data storage. set and save a user profile. You must provide a means that allows users to set their profile information. This information will then be saved by the configured profile provider. Recognize a returning visitor. When a user returns to your site, you can retrieve his or her user profile information as a strongly typed class. Your code can then use the profile information to set customizations, prefill data entry fields, and make other decisions related to the application.
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Part IV
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Step 5-3: Apply the TOP Option
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Viewing Active Rules and Security
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If you re still not convinced that you should put side effects on lines by themselves, try to figure out what the routine shown in Listing 31-48 does:
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/catalog filename Specifies the data source that contains the security update information. /ia Updates the Windows Update Agent, if necessary, on the computer being scanned before starting the scan. /mu Configures the computer being scanned to use Microsoft Update instead of Windows Update. /nd Does not download any files from the Microsoft Web site when scanning. /xmlout Scan will run with only updates check enabled. /l Lists all reports available. /ls Lists reports from the latest scan. /lr Displays the overview report. /ld Displays the detailed report. / Displays the mbsacli.exe command-line help.
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Query Tuning
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predefined in the Framework Class Library (FCL) wherever possible . I describe these delegate types in the Enough with the Delegate Definitions Already (Generic Delegates) section of 17, Delegates .
You want these servers to execute as services in the background, so click the Yes button on each message box. When installation is complete, you will be asked whether to run the XAMPP Control Panel. Click the Yes button and the Control Panel window will appear as shown in Figure 3-5. From the Control Panel, you can start and stop services, check the status of each application, and access the individual administrative applications.
Thu Apr 16 00:00:00 +0100 2009 Time.now creates an instance of class Time that s set to the current time. However, because you re trying to print it to the screen, it s converted into the preceding string. You can manipulate time objects by adding and subtracting numbers of seconds to them. For example: puts Time.now puts Time.now - 10 puts Time.now + 86400
password is an AES-encrypted string containing the password to be used for access to the physical path. Editing this manually is not advised. Use appcmd for scripted alterations to the config file, or use the IIS Manager interface. logonMethod is one of Interactive, Batch, Network, or ClearText, to indicate the log-on type that should be used when authorizing access to files in this application s path. ClearText is the default, and is appropriate for most uses. You can use Networkfor access to network resources, and you should rarely use Batch and Interactive because they do not adequately represent the fact that files are being requested noninteractively by a remote user. Note that some resources may be only accessible to interactive users, network users, and so on. You may find that the NTFS permissions on content should be changed to match the default logonMethod of ClearText. You generally should not change the logonMethod.
Reversibly Encrypted
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nate (optional) RADIUS servers and the shared secret, and then click Next. 8. Click Finish. 9. If prompted, start the Routing And Remote Access service. By default for PPTP, only 128 PPTP ports are configured on the WAN Miniport (PPTP) device. If you need more PPTP ports, configure the WAN Miniport (PPTP) device from the properties of the Ports object in the Routing And Remote Access snap-in. By default, 128 L2TP ports are also configured. By default for L2TP, only 128 L2TP ports are configured on the WAN Miniport (L2TP) device. If you need more L2TP ports, configure the WAN Miniport (L2TP) device from the properties of the Ports object in the Routing And Remote Access snap-in. By default, 128 PPTP ports are also configured. If you want to disable the VPN server s ability to accept PPTP connections, set the number of ports on the WAN Miniport (PPTP) device to 1, and clear the Remote Access Connections (Inbound Only) and Demand-Dial Connections (Inbound And Outbound) check boxes. By default, the MS-CHAP, MS-CHAP v2, and EAP protocols are enabled. If you are using Network Access Quarantine Control, install the quarantine listener component on the VPN server. If you are using Rqs.exe from the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit, modify the Rqs_setup.bat file to include the correct version string for the version of the network policy compliance script that is being run on the remote access clients. Next, run the Rqs_setup.bat file to install the Remote Access Quarantine Agent service.
5 Transactions and Concurrency
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