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Msg 550, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 The attempted insert or update failed because the target view either specifies WITH CHECK OPTION or spans a view that specifies WITH CHECK OPTION and one or more rows resulting from the operation did not qualify under the CHECK OPTION constraint. The statement has been terminated.
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Case scenarios
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Trick 3: Use Normal View to Guide the Eye and Ear
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To simply check a property for a specific value, you can use the = operator, as the following example shows.
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Because the only reason to back up GPOs or anything else, for that matter is
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SELECT REPLICATE(' | ', lvl) + empname FROM dbo.Employees ORDER BY path;
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Subnet D Binghamton branch
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Change the network name (SSID) of your access point to one that doesn't match the hardware defaults and doesn't give away any information about you or your business . Consider disabling remote administration of the access point; if you need to change settings, you can do so directly, using a wired connection . If you allow remote administration of the access point, set a strong password . Upgrade the firmware of your wireless hardware (access point and adapter) to the most recent versions, which may incorporate security fixes . If your pool of PCs is small and fixed, use your access point s configuration tools to restrict access to computers using the unique MAC address of each computer s wireless adapter . Consider using virtual private networks for wireless connections .
EXEC sp_addlinkedserver [Dojo], 'SQL Server';
Selecting Data
This is fine, although the first use of spaces was sufficient to ensure readability. Extra spaces hardly ever hurt, however, so be generous with them.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM automatically updates the operator values based on the form field with the current focus. So, if you select a numeric field on the form, Microsoft Dynamics CRM shows you operator options specific to numeric fields; when you select a date field, Microsoft Dynamics CRM shows you options specific to date fields. Table 14-2 shows the operator options and when you can apply them.
13 XML and XQuery
Try It Out: Creating an Animation with Expression Blend
.NET implementation guidelines
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