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The algorithm has two phases: 1. Use logic similar to the previous algorithm to match events to rooms, but scan both in descending order to assure the largest events can find rooms . Store the eventids that found a room in a table variable (@Events) . At this point, you have the list of events you can fit that produce the highest revenue, but you also have the least efficient room utilization, meaning the highest possible costs . However, the purpose of the first step was merely to figure out the most profitable events that you can accommodate . 2. The next step is identical to the algorithm in the previous problem with one small revision: declare the CEvents cursor against the @Events table variable and not against the real Events table . By doing this, you end up with the most efficient room utilization for this set of events .
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Both values are on the same date locally, but the UTC times they represent fall on different dates . You can see this by switching the offsets of both values to UTC explicitly:
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Figure 8-6. The file explorer application showing the root Now you can implement the Button events, starting with the Up Directory and Open Directory buttons. 11. When the user clicks the Up Directory button, the system will find the current directory s parent directory using System.IO.Path.GetDirectoryName(), set the current directory to be that parent directory, and reexecute the GetStorageData() method. private void btnUpDir_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { if (currentDir != "") { currentDir = System.IO.Path.GetDirectoryName(currentDir); } GetStorageData(); }
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The Windows Vista DVD includes drivers for most commonly used IDE and SATA disk controllers . However, this coverage is not complete . If Setup does not recognize your disk controller, you ll be prompted to provide a driver when you reach the Where Do You Want To Install Windows screen . For 32-bit (x86) versions of Windows Vista, you should be able to supply a driver that is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, or Windows Vista on a floppy disk, on a USB flash drive, or on a CD or DVD . For the latter option, remove the Windows Vista DVD and insert the disk containing the storage driver; after the driver loads successfully, remove the disk and reinsert the Windows DVD .
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Figure 3-21 shows an illustration of this access method, and Figure 3-22 shows the graphical execution plan you would get for this query.
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To further prove that no proxy is involved, my Ch22-1-AppDomains application unloads the new AppDomain and then attempts to call the ToString method again . Unlike in Demo #1, the call succeeds this time because unloading the new AppDomain had no impact on objects owned by the default AppDomain, and this includes the object that was marshaled by value .
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Making Connections with Portable and Mobile Devices
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value type because the code you write to manipulate the parameter could be markedly different .
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FIGURE 9-16 The first Key Point (Recommendation) headline of The Analysis story template, with its
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Client Certificate Mapping
Field ID Date Time Description
Logical value of ON Predicate for Rows from VT1-J1
for ( discountType = 0; discountType < typeCount; discountType++ ) { thisDiscount = discount[ discountType ]; for ( discountLevel = 0; discountLevel < levelCount; discountLevel++ ) { rate[ discountLevel ] = rate[ discountLevel ] * thisDiscount; } }
HTTP Module
If you don t enable the entity-based folder structure, SharePoint creates folders for every entity enabled for document management and then creates sub-folders for each record underneath the entity folder, like this:
public static FileAttributes Set(this FileAttributes flags, FileAttributes setFlags) { return flags | setFlags; } public static FileAttributes Clear(this FileAttributes flags, FileAttributes clearFlags) { return flags & ~clearFlags; } public static void ForEach(this FileAttributes flags, Action<FileAttributes> processFlag) { if (processFlag == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("processFlag"); for (UInt32 bit = 1; bit != 0; bit <<= 1) { UInt32 temp = ((UInt32)flags) & bit; if (temp != 0) processFlag((FileAttributes)temp); } } }
n Note To compile the Ruby sources on OS X, you need to install the Xcode developer tools that
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