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Using the Security Configuration And Analysis Snap-In to Apply a Template and Monitor Security Policy Compliance
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Lesson 3
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RoutineName() m_ClassVariable
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A Crash Course in Basic Database Actions and SQL
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LocalFile RemoteUri Username Password UsePassive
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In this exercise, you start Visual Studio and open the website created in the previous practice.
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Let s walk through this code. Note that the code is bound to the button click event when the page loads. Next, the user s input is assigned to a variable, empId. Then the call to $.ajax() is made. Notice that the settings are passed as name-value pairs separated by a colon. There is no set order to these pairs. The following list describes each setting:
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After ASP.NET trace data has been configured and turned on, you can view the data on each webpage (Trace="true") or view the trace output by navigating to the Trace.axd page on the current website (http://server/application/trace.axd). When viewed on the same page, the trace information is appended to the bottom of the page (for pages that use flow layout). Figure 8-9 shows an example.
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Part III Processes
Figure 8-7
The previous example showed how you can use the Caching Block as a powerful in-memory caching mechanism. However, often you will want to store the items in the cache in some type of persistent backing store. The Caching block contains a provider that uses Windows Isolated Storage on the local machine. This stores data in a separate area for each user, which means that different users will be able to see and retrieve only their own cached data. One point to note is that objects to be cached in any of the physical backing stores must be serializable. The only case where this does not apply is when you use the in-memory only (null backing store) approach. The Product class used in these examples contains only standard value types as its properties, and carries the Serializable attribute. For more information about serialization, see Object Serialization in the .NET Framework at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms973893.aspx.
To add the user, select the User Manager. Create the new account with the name galleryadmin and set an appropriate password. In the permissions section, give the account all privileges for the gallery2 database. Simply click the left-facing double arrow (<<) button to put all of the permissions in the user permission list, and click the Apply changes button to grant the privileges (see Figure 10-12).
Add your own initialization code after the InitializeComponent() call
Part II Advanced Features
Storage -ClientB -Single-tenant
TableName ColumnTracking MinValidVersion BeginVersion CleanupVersion --------- -------------- -------------------- -------------------- -------------Employees 0 0 0 0
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