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Lesson 3: Working with Web Configuration Files
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Geosynchronous satellite
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Deploying PPTP or L2TP/IPSec Remote Access
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Adjusting SQL*Plus Settings
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Writing Configuration Settings
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More Info The Registered Server Name can be used as a shortcut for the full Team Foundation Server URL in most command-line tools and APIs. When you add a Team Foundation Server in Visual Studio Team System the Registered Server Name is the host name from the URL.
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Unlike a String, a StringBuilder represents a mutable string . This means that most of StringBuilder s members change the contents in the array of characters and don t cause new objects to be allocated on the managed heap . A StringBuilder allocates a new object on only two occasions:
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Methods of the FormsAuthentication Class
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The de nition of the Clean target from the Microsoft.WebDeployment.targets is missing the critical attribute DependsOnTargets= $(CleanDependsOn) . Because of this we are not able to extend the behavior of the Clean target. You could redeclare the Clean target in your own WDP to include that attribute. This is not recommended because if the WDP team makes changes to the Microsoft.WebDeployment.targets le, you may have to change your WDP les. Instead you are left with creating another target, for example FullClean, which will properly clean the project. From the previous example, WebApplication1_03.csproj_deploy.wdproj, we need a means to clean the Web project that we are building in the BuildWebProject. This can be accomplished by creating a target FullClean as follows.
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The scope of most errors is fairly limited One study found that 85% of errors could be corrected without modifying more than one routine (Endres 1975). Many errors are outside the domain of construction Researchers conducting a series of 97 interviews found that the three most common sources of errors were thin application-domain knowledge, fluctuating and conflicting requirements, and communication and coordination breakdown (Curtis, Krasner, and Iscoe 1988).
Part IV
As in the last chapter, this code fragment violates several rules of good programming. Readability and maintenance are usually more important than execution speed or size, but in this chapter the topic is performance, and that implies a trade-off with the other objectives. Like the last chapter, you ll see many examples of coding practices here that aren t recommended in other parts of this book.
[""] If you immediately want to use the URLs one by one, you can use extract with a block: require 'uri' email = %q{Some cool Ruby sites are and and} URI.extract(email, ['http', 'https']) do |url| puts "Fetching URL #{url}" # Do some work here... end
Part V
The method signatures This allows code to think that it is operating on an instance of the Object class, when in fact, it could be operating on an instance of some other class . The implementation of these methods This allows the developer defining a class derived from Object not to be required to implement Object s methods manually .
Sometimes, the compiler will use a call instruction to call a virtual method instead of using a callvirt instruction . At first, this may seem surprising, but the code below demonstrates why it is sometimes required:
Occasionally les will be corrupted or overwritten, and it s necessary to recover them from the most recent backup. To recover individual les and folders, follow these steps:
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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