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In SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), the query plan for a cross join includes a join operator marked with a yellow warning symbol, and the pop-up details will say No Join Predicate in the Warnings section. This warning is designed to alert you that you might have forgotten to specify a join predicate.
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I shifted the position of some of the operators and added arrows to denote the original ow. Also, I included the full object names where relevant. In the original plan, object names are truncated if they are long. A plan is a tree of operators. Data ows from a child operator to a parent operator. The tree order of graphical plans that you get in SSMS is expressed from right to left and from top to bottom. That s typically the order in which you should analyze a plan to gure out the ow of activity. In our case, the Clustered Index Seek operator is the rst operator that starts the ow, yielding its output to the next operator in the tree Table Spool (Eager Spool) and so on. Notice the cost percentage associated with each operator. This value is the percentage of the operator s cost out of the total cost of the query, as estimated by the optimizer. You want to keep an eye especially on operators that involve high-percentage values and focus your tuning efforts on those operators. When you place your mouse pointer over an operator, you will get a yellow information box. One of the measures you will nd there is called Estimated Subtree Cost. This value represents the cumulative estimated cost of the subtree, starting with the current operator (all operators in all branches leading to the current operator). The subtree cost associated with the root operator (topmost, leftmost) represents the estimated cost of the whole query, as shown in Figure 4-10.
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private void PrepareSortedDataView(int colPos) { // Set the column to sort by m_viewOfData.Sort = m_data.Columns[colPos].ColumnName; // Arrange the auto-reverse sorting if (m_columnSorted == colPos) { // If the same column is clicked twice, // invert the direction m_viewOfData.Sort += "DESC"; m_columnSorted = -1; } else // Store the index of the currently sorted column m_columnSorted = colPos; } Implementing row filtering is even easier. You simply expose a read/write property called, say, RowFilter and make it work as a wrapper around the DataView object's RowFilter property, as shown here: private string m_rowFilter = ""; public string RowFilter { get {return m_rowFilter;} set { // Store the filter string m_rowFilter = value; // Pass the information on to the DataView m_viewOfData.RowFilter = m_rowFilter; // Refresh the view FillTable(); } } What we have built so far is a ListView -based control that features data-binding functionalities along with advanced capabilities for sorting and filtering the data. This control can be initialized from an XML string that can be deserialized to a DataSet object. The DataListView control can be used with any Windows Forms application, but when embedded in an HTML or ASP.NET page, the programming interface lends itself very well to filling the control with the contents of an XML data island. 496
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FIGURE 4-5 TempFile task demonstration
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were even 10 percent finished upgrading the computers, we'd identified a recall class bug and had to roll back. Partial production upgrades that allow a service to run in a mixed mode of the next version alongside the current version allow the service to manage risk. Rolling upgrades are similar to partial production upgrades but emphasize full automation of the deployment. When a recall class bug is identified during deployment, fast rollback allows the service to get back to a last known good state quickly. Many of our services have this process so well automated that they can run multiple overlapping upgrades on a single day. In fact, some also have the ability to propagate all the new code (copy the code to all the production servers) with a go-live date (the date the user should see the new version). This allows the server to hold both the current and the previous version on the computer at the same time and allows a very rapid process for moving forward (read from the new directory) and moving back (read from the old directory) between versions. Note With the release of the Windows Server 2008 operating system, the performance of virtualization has been significantly improved. Virtualization, or virtual machines, is quite literally running another completely separate instance of the Windows operating system in the operating system that loads when a computer is turned on. We are starting to see significant increases in the use of virtual machines as the way to deploy and run many Microsoft services. In the next few years, this will likely become the most common method for rapid and fully automated deployments. Test Environments Whether the testing is focused on services, clients, or the integration of clients and services, getting the test environment just right is a critical element. A test environment that is too different from the configuration that will be run in final production can miss many bugs. A test environment that is so exactly like production that it is production can cost too much to build; if built, it will funnel all testing to a single environment. Most services test teams in Microsoft run many different types of test environments, and each helps facilitate effective testing for different classes of defects. The key to defining and using different test environments effectively is understanding the service architecture and integration dependencies. By defining and mapping test processes in the early stages of a project, a test team can maximize their test hardware and mitigate risk with proper testing in the optimal environment. The One Box Sometimes the one-box test platform is called a single box, a single OS, or the one OS test environment. Mostly, it is just known as the one box. When working to integrate with another team's service, the new team often asks whether the platform team has a one box that they could use in their testing. To my knowledge, at Microsoft, the term one box started with the MSN Billing 2.0 team back in 2002. When the team deployed the 2.0 billing system it was to a new set of computers and the data in the version 1.0 system was to be migrated to the new computers. It was a big project with an absolute cannot-slip schedule or MSN would have missed the holiday shopping season. Deployment was one of the last features coded. Many of the deployment steps were never automated, so the team produced a massive deployment guide with step-by-step instructions. This document was called "the paper deployment wizard."
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The ListBox Control
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<SolutionToPublish Include="$(SolutionRoot)\HelloWorldDesktop\HelloWorldDesktop.csproj"> <Properties>PublishDir=$(PublishDir)\DesktopPublish\</Properties> </SolutionToPublish> </ItemGroup>
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C1 returns order years and customer IDs for each order, generating the orderyear alias for the order year. C2 groups the rows returned from C1 by orderyear and calculates the count of distinct custids (number of active customers). Finally, the outer query returns only order years with more than 70 active customers. generate data matrix code
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Each one involved the change of a single character in a previously correct program (Weinberg 1983).
Step 8: Processing the SELECT List
In the Files tool, unread files are marked with a small icon.
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Serialization/Deserialization Quick Start
Table 3-1: ASPTraceListener Output and Control Properties Property Default Value 84 Description
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