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If the appointment is a recurring event, you can use the Recurrence button to specify a time interval. To request a reminder (at a interval that can range from 0 minutes to two weeks), click the Reminder button. If others are involved in the event and their names are included in your Contacts folder, click Attendees. You ll see a form similar to the following:
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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Name Enter the label that will display on the link. Icon Select an icon that will display to the left of the label, so that the style of the link matches that of the relationships. As with other images you can use, remember that you must create the image as a web resource to use it in a link.
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Let s say that a thread wants to execute some code when a complex condition is true . One option would be to let the thread spin continuously, repeatedly testing the condition . But this wastes CPU time, and it is also not possible to atomically test multiple variables that are making up the complex condition . Fortunately, there is a pattern that allows threads to efficiently synchronize their operations based on a complex condition . This pattern is called the condition variable pattern, and we use it via the following methods defined inside the Monitor class:
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C:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Apache2.2/htdocs/images/
How large (in terms of physical proportions) and how detailed can/may/should/must the chart be
34. Themes in Software Craftsmanship
Pentium Core 2 Duo 2.0 Dual or quad core Xeon Dual Xeon or Opteron processors, with at least or Opteron processor GHz or AMD Turion64 two cores each supporting x64 X2 5 6 GB Two or more hard drives with 100 GB available for Windows Small Business Server 2008 100/10 Mbps PCI card Two or more external USB hard drives 6 8 GB Three-drive, hardwarebased RAID using SATA or SAS drives 8 12 GB Four-drive (or more), hardware-based SCSI or SAS RAID
Overview In 3, I talked about unit tests and explained why unit testing is such a vital part of producing high-quality code. For those of us who work mostly on an application's internal logic, unit tests can be fairly simple. Look at this book's sample files in BugslayerUtil\Tests, and you'll see all the unit tests I used to develop BUGSLAYERUTIL.DLL. Almost all those tests are console applications that do their jobs admirably. Unfortunately, testing user interface (UI) code is more difficult, no matter whether the application is a Microsoft .NET fat client or is browser based. In this chapter, I'll present a utility I wrote, Tester, that will help you automate your UI testing. Compared with the version of Tester included in the first edition of this book, the new Tester tool now borders on the capabilities of a full-blown commercial regression-testing tool. In fact, I've been extremely pleased to see how many development shops are using Tester. Not only is it easier to deal with than many commercial systems, it's quite a bit less expensive, too. The Bane of Unit Testing: User Interfaces I'm firmly convinced that Microsoft Windows developers get their carpal tunnel syndrome not from typing their source code but from hitting the same keystroke combinations over and over to test their applications. After the 5,000th time you type Alt+F, O, your wrists are locked tighter than rebar in concrete. Without a tool to automate the tasks involved in accessing the different features of your applications, you generally have to follow some sort of script to ensure that you're doing sufficient unit testing. Testing with manual input scripts is totally boring and the boredom that results leaves plenty of room for human error. Automating your unit tests will mean that you don't have to type so much and that you can quickly verify the state of your code. Unfortunately, the Recorder application that used to ship with Microsoft Windows 3.0 and 3.1 doesn't come with any of the 32-bit operating systems. For those of you new to Windows, Recorder wrote your mouse and keyboard interactions to a file so that you could play them back as if they were physical mouse and keyboard events. Although several third-party products are available that will automate your application and a whole lot more (such as completely validate every pixel in a screen comparison and maintain databases of which tests ran when), I wanted something that was lightweight and geared toward development engineers. Thus, the idea for my Tester application was born. When I started thinking about creating an automation utility, I spent some time considering exactly what I'd expect from such a tool. At first, I thought about developing a utility akin to the old Recorder application. Way back in the days of Windows 3.0, I had a complete set of REC files to drive my tests. However, the big problem with Recorder was that it didn't provide a way to do conditional tests. If my application signaled an error during the test, Recorder just went along its merry way, playing back the recorded keystrokes and mouse clicks, completely oblivious to my application's distress. One time I wiped out half my operating system with Recorder because I was testing a WINFILE.EXE extension, and when my extension had a problem, Recorder played the delete files sequence all over the System directory. My new automation tool definitely had to have an if...then...else construct. To incorporate conditional constructs into my tests, I obviously needed to use some sort of language. Developing my own testing language would've been an intriguing intellectual exercise, but I soon concluded that I was more interested in writing a useful debugging tool than in designing a language and dealing with YACC and FLEX. It took all of two seconds 573
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The .NET Framework doesn't provide equivalent functionality for this package.
An interesting target that can be used with Extended Events is the Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) target . This allows Extended Events within SQL Server to be combined with events from other Windows services . ADO .NET has included support for ETW since v2 .0 . Although out of scope for this book, it s worth noting that ETW support makes it possible to trace an event from outside SQL Server, through the client stack, through SQL Server, and back to the client . If the ETW target is used, the SQL Server Service account needs to be a member of two Active Directory groups: the Performance Monitor Users group and the Performance Log Users group . Assigning (or modifying) the service account via SQL Server Configuration Manager can help ensure this . Stopping and Altering Event Sessions We can stop our event session by executing the following command:
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Objects: The Stuff You Want
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