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Log On As Local System Local System
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Subqueries, Table Expressions, and Ranking Functions
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customer interactions over the lifetime of the customer relationship. CRM is a business strategy, and companies typically use a CRM software system as a technology platform to help implement their CRM strategy, processes, and procedures.
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Configuring DNS Server Properties
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You can create a customized Data Collector Set made up of performance counters, con guration data, or data from trace providers. To make such a Data Collector Set, follow these steps:
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30. Click Next.
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You can use automatic blocking, which relies on site lists maintained by Microsoft. Automatic blocking provides three levels of blocking:
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Automatic Memory Management (Garbage Collection)
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A common requirement in many applications is to perform multiple updates to data in such a way that they all succeed, or can all be undone (rolled back) to leave the databases in a valid state that is consistent with the original content. The traditional example is when your bank carries out a monetary transaction that requires them to subtract a payment from one account and add the same amount to another account (or perhaps slightly less, with the commission going into their own account). Transactions should follow the four ACID principles. These are Atomicity (all of the tasks of a transaction are performed or none of them are), Consistency (the database remains in a consistent state before and after the transaction), Isolation (other operations cannot access or see the data in an intermediate state during a transaction), and Durability (the results of a successful transaction are persisted and will survive system failure). You can execute transactions when all of the updates occur in a single database by using the features of your database system (by including the relevant commands such as BEGIN TRANSACTION and ROLLBACK TRANSACTION in your stored procedures). ADO.NET also provides features that allow you to perform connection-based transactions over a single connection. This allows you to perform multiple actions on different tables in the same database, and manage the commit or rollback in your data access code.
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Performing Operations on Results
The CLR implementation of the split function is simpler, although it actually uses two methods . Here s the C# definition of the SplitCLR function:
This is a list box. This is a multi-select list box, because the "multiple" directive is inside the <SELECT> tag. <SELECT size=3 id=select2 name=select2 multiple> <OPTION>Option 1</OPTION> <OPTION>Option 2</OPTION> <OPTION>Option 3</OPTION> <OPTION>Option 4</OPTION>
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