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public WebForm1() { Page.Init += new System.EventHandler(Page_Init); }
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Writing a generic handler
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Work with XML HTTP Handlers and Modules
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Client-side state management Client Web server
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4. After the web server and your computer complete the handshaking needed to
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Understanding Security Template Settings That
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such as sentences ending with multiple periods, commas, and other oddities. As these extra tests wouldn t demonstrate any further Ruby functionality, they re not covered here, but feel free to try some out!
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startrange ---------2009-08-06 2009-08-15 2009-08-25 endrange ---------2009-08-09 2009-08-19 2009-08-28 numdays ----------4 5 4 maxprice ----------70 60 70
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[Serializable] internal class Circle { private Double m_radius; [NonSerialized] private Double m_area; public Circle(Double radius) { m_radius = radius; m_area = Math.PI * m_radius * m_radius; } [OnDeserialized] private void OnDeserialized(StreamingContext context) { m_area = Math.PI * m_radius * m_radius; } }
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Property or Parameter Name
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pict.exe myModelFile.txt /e:mySeededInput.txt > output.xls
FIGURE 8-1 Review the fully sketched storyboard.
Figure 3-8: The EuAddressType schema is successfully checked. 95
FigURE 4-13 The rendered ImageMap displaying the PostBackValue message in the Label after the image
Feature 2
SELECT E.empid, E.empname FROM dbo.Employees AS E JOIN dbo.Employees AS M ON M.empid = 3 AND E.path LIKE M.path + '%'
Figure 8-11. Site management workbook for the human resources web site
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