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In the Menu Manager, the column labeled Menu items contains an icon for each row. If you click that icon for our Joomla Jumpstart Menu, you will see all of the menu entries for each item that you see on the front page of your web site (see Figure 2-35).
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Input Validation and Site Navigation
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is often required by service management tools to manipulate the given service. The Display Name field is often known as the common name and is the label displayed most prominently in the Services console when listing all services. The Description field displays a short, developer-created message describing what the service does. The Path To Executable field tries to display the full path to the service executable, although as Figure 6-4 shows, it is possible for the full path to be incorrectly truncated in the GUI (in other words, there is no word wrap feature). The Path To Executable field can be very useful when troubleshooting potential malware that uses names similar or identical to Microsoft service names. For example, I once found a malicious Trojan named svchost.exe, but it was located in the \Windows\Fonts folder instead of \Windows\System32 where the legitimate copy would always be located. Startup Type is an important service field. It can be configured as one of four values:
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You should also read ahead to the section on BitLocker Drive Encryption. By using BitLocker on the Windows operating system volume of the RODC, you can prevent the thief from even being able to access the local copy of the AD DS database which, at a minimum, buys you time to reset passwords in an orderly fashion. Administrative Role Separation With Role Separation you can delegate the local administrator role of an RODC computer to any domain user without granting that user any rights to the domain itself or to other domain controllers. In Windows Server 2003, DCs didn t have a local administrator; if you could administer a DC, you could administer the whole domain. Administrative Role Separation can allow a local branch user to log on to an RODC and perform maintenance work on the server, such as upgrading a driver, without allowing that user to log on to any other domain controller or manage the domain. RODC Benefits RODCs provide a way to deploy domain controllers more securely in a branch office location because they are designed to be placed in locations that require rapid, reliable, and robust authentication services but that might also have a security limitation that limits or prevents deployment of a writable domain controller. With an RODC, organizations can mitigate risks with deploying a domain controller in locations where physical security cannot be guaranteed. The RODC feature is clearly designed for branch offices, but it is an integral part of AD DS as well. Please review 9 for information about installing an RODC, using the RODC filtered attribute set, and configuring read-only DNS.
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Creating Custom Mappings
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In this example, setting temp to null is legal because T is known to be a reference type, and all reference type variables can be set to null . If T were unconstrained, the code above would not compile because T could be a value type, and value type variables cannot be set to null . The struct constraint promises the compiler that a specified type argument will be a value type . Any value type, including enumerations, satisfies this constraint . However, the compiler and the CLR treat any System.Nullable<T> value type as a special type, and nullable types do not satisfy this constraint . The reason is because the Nullable<T> type constrains its type parameter to struct, and the CLR wants to prohibit a recursive type such
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In the old days, when your network wasn t connected to the Internet, system administrators were the only people who installed software, and users had only a green screen terminal, deciding when to apply a patch was a fairly straightforward decision. If you were having a speci c problem and you wanted a bit of overtime on the weekend, you came in and applied a patch. If no one was complaining and you didn t want to work on the weekend, you threw the tape (patches always came on tapes in those days) in the drawer and waited until you had to come in on the weekend for some other maintenance, or users started complaining about a problem that seemed related. Or you simply never got around to it at all. Even in the more recent past it was possible to have a more considered and gradual approach to applying patches. When a vulnerability was identi ed, it often took months before there was any real risk to your network. Today that approach simply won t work, as Code Red, Nimda, Slammer, and others have all too clearly demonstrated. Within hours or (at most) days of the release of a critical security update, there will almost certainly be sample exploit code posted on the Internet, telling any-
Connect your VPN server on the Internet. Deploy your AAA infrastructure (including RADIUS servers). Modify your intranet infrastructure to accommodate routing and quarantine. Deploy your VPN clients.
1998-02-27 1997-06-30 1997-08-29 1997-03-31 1997-01-31 1997-09-30 1996-07-31 1997-02-28 1998-01-30 1997-11-28 1998-04-30 1997-05-30 1997-12-31 1998-05-06 1997-10-31 1996-11-29 1996-12-31 1996-08-30 1997-07-31 1998-03-31
=> #<Encoding:UTF-8> To convert a string into a different encoding, use its encode method: " a va ".encode("ISO-8859-1") Not every character encoding will support being able to represent every type of character that exists in your text. For example, the cedilla character ( ) in the preceding example cannot be represented in plain US-ASCII. If we try to do a conversion to US-ASCII, therefore, we get the necessary error: " a va ".encode("US-ASCII")
Practice 1 Create any type of website. Add a webpage that has a code-behind page. Add a webpage that does not have a code-behind page. Practice 2 Add another webpage, selecting a different programming language.
Querying the UDF and providing employee ID 3 as input returns the output shown in Table 4-15: SELECT * FROM dbo.fn_EmpYearCnt(3);
IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.MonthlyOrders') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE dbo.MonthlyOrders; GO SELECT CAST(CONVERT(CHAR(6), OrderDate, 112) + '01' AS DATETIME) AS ordermonth, COUNT(*) AS numorders INTO dbo.MonthlyOrders FROM dbo.Orders GROUP BY CAST(CONVERT(CHAR(6), OrderDate, 112) + '01' AS DATETIME); CREATE UNIQUE CLUSTERED INDEX idx_ordermonth ON dbo.MonthlyOrders(ordermonth);
Given the two input values m and n, calculate the maximum of the two using a single mathematical expression. Don't use conditional elements from programming, such as IF or CASE, in your solution.
} this.GridView1.DataSource = quotesCollection; this.DataBind();
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