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Generating DataMatrix in .NET Basic Information Basic Techniques

Storage -ClientC -Single-tenant
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the type s method table contains entries for the following:
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Remember that BitLocker protects against certain specific threats from offline attacks. It is imperative that other security controls, such as strong passwords, remain in place. Likewise, BitLocker does not prevent the destruction of data or the denial of service. Backups are still essential. In fact, if you do not take care to ensure the accessibility of the recovery passwords, BitLocker could prevent you from accessing your data! We recommend using BitLocker s built-in ability to back up recovery information to AD DS. For more information about backing up recovery information, see Configuring Active Directory to Back Up Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption and Trusted Platform Module Recovery Information at mfr=true. In Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista SP1, BitLocker uses a cryptographic signature to check for certain types of deliberate attacks. If one of these attacks occurs, the cryptographic
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'Struct used in SplitCLR function Structure row_item Dim item As String Dim pos As Integer End Structure ' SplitCLR Function ' Splits separated list of values and returns a table ' FillRowMethodName = "ArrSplitFillRow" <SqlFunction(FillRowMethodName:="ArrSplitFillRow", _ DataAccess:=DataAccessKind.None, _ TableDefinition:="pos INT, element NVARCHAR(4000) ")> _ Public Shared Function SplitCLR(ByVal inpStr As SqlString, _ ByVal charSeparator As SqlString) As IEnumerable Dim locStr As String Dim splitStr() As String Dim locSeparator(0) As Char locSeparator(0) = CChar(charSeparator.Value(0)) If (inpStr.IsNull) Then locStr = "" Else locStr = inpStr.Value End If splitStr = locStr.Split(locSeparator, _ StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries) Dim SplitString As New List(Of row_item) Dim i As Integer = 1 For Each s As String In splitStr Dim r As New row_item r.item = s r.pos = i SplitString.Add(r) i = i + 1 Next Return SplitString End Function Public Shared Sub ArrSplitFillRow( _ ByVal obj As Object, <Out()> ByRef pos As Integer, _ <Out()> ByRef item As String) pos = CType(obj, row_item).pos item = CType(obj, row_item).item End Sub
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Click the Product Status tab to enter the inventory information (see Figure 11-9). You can set an availability date to allow preordering of announced products. You can also specify availability text and/or a graphic to alert the user of the order fulfillment ship time for this product.
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15 Enumerated Types and Bit Flags
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I created the stored procedure with the RECOMPILE option to generate a new execution plan whenever the code is run . Without the RECOMPILE option, regardless of the inputs, the stored procedure would reuse the cached execution plan generated for the first invocation, which is not a good idea in this case . The main trick here is to use the following expression for each input:
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Property AppSettings FilePath HasFile Locations Path SectionGroups Sections
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That s because they are case sensitive, just like everything in XML .
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Figure 12-2: How .NET Remoting marshals objects by value. After the data is in the client AppDomain, a new local object is instantiated and initialized and starts handling calls. To write remotable objects that are exchanged by value, you need to make them serializable, either by declaring the SerializableAttribute attribute or by implementing ISerializable. Aside from this, nothing else is required for instances of the class to be passed by value across AppDomains. Marshaling Objects by Reference When an object is marshaled by reference, the client process receives a reference to the server-side object, rather than a copy. This means that any call directed to the object is always resolved on the server within the native context of the object. The remoting infrastructure governs the call, collecting all information about the call and sending it to the server process. On the server, the correct object is located and asked to execute the call using the client's arguments. When the call is finished, the results are packaged and sent back to the client. Unlike MBV, MBR uses the network only for transmitting arguments and return values. Figure 12-3 shows the architecture of MBR remoting. 429
BeforeCompile Configuration
As I mentioned earlier, row numbers have many practical applications that I'll demonstrate throughout the book. Here I'd like to show one example where I use row numbers to achieve pagingaccessing rows of a result set in chunks. Paging is a common need in applications, allowing the user to navigate through chunks or portions of a result set. Paging with row numbers is also a handy technique. This example will also allow me to demonstrate additional optimization techniques that the optimizer applies when using the ROW_NUMBER function. Of course, in SQL Server 2000 you can use the less efficient techniques to calculate row numbers to achieve paging.
The list of available drive letters shows only those that are not currently in use. To swap the drive letters for two volumes, you ll need three steps. For example, to swap the drive letters G and H, first remove the drive letter assigned to drive H. Then change drive G s assignment to H. Finally, add the drive letter G to the currently unnamed former occupant of H.
The concept of a hierarchy illustrated by the triangle in Act II might not be popular these days, with trends moving more toward free- owing, organic, free-association relationships among people and ideas. But you absolutely need an idea hierarchy to help you decide which of your slides are more important than others. You cannot present the working memory of your audience with an unprioritized and unstructured sequence of slides, because its limited capacity will be quickly overwhelmed. A hierarchy breaks up a complex body of information into smaller pieces that are easier for working memory to handle and then prioritizes those pieces and places them in a particular sequence. A hierarchy is the natural way people routinely go through a reasoning process if you are completely new to a topic, you might start with a large amount of unstructured information (bottom of a hierarchy) when you rst assemble the many details of the information you want to present. You then apply your reasoning process to sort the information into smaller groups to explain what it means (middle of the hierarchy). Last you develop the key points or conclusion about what you analyzed (top of the hierarchy). You can also approach a reasoning process the other way around, as you ll do when you complete Act II in this chapter if you ve already completed the reasoning process by the time you re ready to prepare a presentation, you begin with the key points you want to make, follow those with your explanation, and then follow your explanation with the details. Either approach to Act II is perfectly valid.
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Part I Introducing Silverlight 3
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One alternative to this approach is to line up the continuation lines under the first argument to the routine, as shown in Listing 31-41:
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