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When a key file is specified in the global attributes, the compiler automatically generates a strong name and includes it in the assembly metadata. We can inspect the signature of the assembly by using the Strong Name Tool (sn.exe), as follows:
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Broken out into its components, the DACL on the root of the C: drive is:
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flavors than any other server operating system Microsoft has built. Two of those are designed specifically to meet the unique security needs of small and medium-sized businesses. If you run a network in a small business, this chapter is an invaluable resource.
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24. Refactoring
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Send the RequestSecurityTokenResponse message and the signed SAML token.
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Sometimes code degenerates under maintenance, and sometimes the code just wasn t very good in the first place. In either case, here are some warning signs sometimes called smells (Fowler 1999) that indicate where refactorings are needed.
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When the mouse button is held down over any of the buttons, the Ellipse_MouseLeftButtonDown function executes.
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19. General Control Issues
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A. CacheTimeout B. CacheDuration c. EnableCaching D. DisableCaching
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public static void Main() { Int32 x = 5; Single s = ((IConvertible) x).ToSingle(null); }
FIGURE 10-1 Proposed entity relationship map for Litware
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