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Listing 4-6. Calculating partitioned row numbers with an IDENTITY
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Customizing MSBuild
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Common Security Scenarios
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domain controllers. You can use this tool to check the consistency and replication of GPOs and to display GPO properties. The IPSec Security Management console in Windows XP Professional displays the active IPSec policy name only for local policies. TCP/IP Properties/Advanced/Options/IPSec displays a globally assigned IPSec policy that is not specific to the connection. Gpresult.exe and Gpotool.exe are not installed on Windows 2000 hosts by default, but are part of the Resource Kits.
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FIGURE 6-3 Execution plan for a NOT IN query
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constructor to maintain the impression that these fields always have a value as the source code appearance dictates . The potential problem occurs when a base class s constructor invokes a virtual method that calls back into a method defined by the derived class . If this happens, the fields initialized using the convenient syntax have been initialized before the virtual method is called .
2. In ASP.NET, what does the Request object represent 3. In ASP.NET, what does the Response object represent
DECLARE @numtiles AS INT; SET @numtiles = 3; WITH D1 AS ( SELECT empid, qty, ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY qty, empid) AS rn, (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM dbo.Sales) AS numrows FROM dbo.Sales AS S1 ), D2 AS ( SELECT empid, qty, rn, 1.*numrows/@numtiles AS tilesize FROM D1 ) SELECT empid, qty, CAST((rn - 1) / tilesize + 1 AS INT) AS tile FROM D2 ORDER BY qty, empid;
The request for a next page has to rely on some anchor row that marks where the page should start. This anchor should be provided to the stored procedure as input. The anchor could be the sort column values of the last row on the previous page because, as you might remember, for determinism purposes the sort values must be unique. In the client application, you already retrieved the previous page. So you can simply set aside the sort column values from the last row in the previous page. When you get a request for the next page, you can provide those as an input to the stored procedure. Bearing in mind that, in practice, lters and sorting are usually dynamic, you can t rely on any particular number or type of columns as input parameters. So a smarter design, which would accommodate later enhancement of the procedure to support dynamic execution, would be to provide the primary key as input and not the sort column values. The client application would set aside the primary key value from the last row it retrieved and use it as input to the next invocation of the stored procedure. Here s the implementation of the GetNextPage stored procedure:
Page 231 3. Type a name for your presentation in the File name box. The wizard provides the project name by default. 4. In the Publish files to box, type a path to a shared network folder to which Producer can publish your presentation. An example is shown in Figure 11.17. Alternatively, click Browse and use the Browse For Folder dialog box to select a folder. 5. Click Next to proceed to the Presentation Information page. The Publish Wizard will prompt you for permission to overwrite a presentation with the same name, if one exists. If the Publish Wizard cannot find the network path you specified, a warning message displays and you cannot proceed. 6. In the Title box, type a title for your presentation. Optionally, provide the name of the presenter, a path to an image, and a description. All these will be added to the introduction page when the presentation is published and will be visible to the viewer. Click Next to proceed to the Playback Quality page.
You take following steps:
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public class LocationRenderer implements ListItemRenderer { public void renderList(IMarkupWriter writer, IRequestCycle cycle, Iterator values) { if (cycle.isRewinding()) return; writer.begin("ul"); writer.attribute("class", "locations"); while (values.hasNext()) { Location value = (Location); if (value == null) continue; writer.begin("li"); writer.attribute("class", "location"); writer.begin("div"); writer.attribute("class", "zip"); writer.print(value.getZip()); writer.end("div"); writer.begin("div"); writer.attribute("class", "description"); writer.begin("span"); writer.attribute("class", "informal"); writer.print(value.getCity() + ", " + value.getState()); writer.end("span"); writer.end("div"); writer.end("li"); } writer.end(); } } In the Java code the changes needed include providing an instance of the LocationRenderer and a Collection object to hold the results of the server call to retrieve the Location object matching a partial ZIP Code. The searchZipCodes method uses the LocationService to invoke the searchLocations method as shown in Listing 7-39. Listing 7-39. Java Changes Required for ZipCode Autocompleter public abstract class Register extends ActiveConferencePage { /** List html renderer */ private static final ListItemRenderer LOCATION_RENDERER = new LocationRenderer(); ...
which is accessible to anyone. The private and public keys are mathematically related by the encryption algorithm. One key is used for encryption and the other for decryption, depending on the nature of the communication service being imple mented. In addition, public-key encryption technologies allow digital signatures to be placed on messages. A digital signature uses the sender s private key to encrypt some portion of the message. When the message is received, the receiver uses the sender s public key to decipher the digital signature to verify the sender s identity.
Synchronizing the Offline Data with SharePoint
n 1998, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) posted goals for a new language that would facilitate data transfer between computers and systems. According to the goals, the new Extensible Markup Language, or XML, would meet specific criteria. The XML draft document describes a standard language with optional features kept to an absolute minimum, resulting in easy-to-create, human-readable documents. In less than a decade, XML has moved from a set of goals to a language that has undergone frequent and rapid revision. Excel 2003 includes native support for XML (as does Access and InfoPath). In the next version of Office, 2007 Microsoft Office System, every Office application will include native XML support. If you work with SharePoint and Excel, you can t ignore XML.
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