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To display an ASP.NET page in one of several different languages, you could prompt the user for his or her preferred language, and then write if-then statements to update the text of your page. However, that would be a complex, time-consuming chore that would require the person translating the website to know how to write code. Clearly this is not an effective solution. Instead, you need to externalize the items requiring translation and allow your code to connect to these items at run time. This allows a nontechnical translator to work without having to touch the code. It also saves you from introducing any errors that might creep into your code from the addition of language support. ASP.NET uses resource files to support multiple languages. A resource file contains a language-specific set of text for a page or for an entire site. Your code accesses a resource file based on the user s requested language in his or her machine settings or browser settings. If a resource file exists for the requested language, ASP.NET uses it and thus renders your site in the language specified. If no resource file exists for the request, ASP.NET uses the default language setting for the site. There are two types of resources in ASP.NET: local and global. Local resources are those specific to a page. Global resources are shared throughout the site. Most globalized ASP.NET applications take advantage of both. The sections that follow elaborate on each of these types of resources.
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Figure 8-9 DHCP server errors
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When this data is displayed, however, it is repeated down the page. Figure 12-16 shows the results in a browser window.
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SELECT id, doc FROM dbo.VisioDocs WHERE doc.value( 'declare namespace VI=""; (/VI:VisioDocument/VI:DocumentProperties/VI:Company)[1]', 'NVARCHAR(50)') LIKE N'Unknown%'; DROP INDEX idx_xml_primary ON dbo.VisioDocs; SELECT id, doc FROM dbo.VisioDocs WHERE doc.value( 'declare namespace VI=""; (/VI:VisioDocument/VI:DocumentProperties/VI:Company)[1]', 'NVARCHAR(50)') LIKE N'Unknown%';
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Part V
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Graphs, Trees, Hierarchies, and Recursive Queries
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To return the actual histogram, simply join the steps table and the Orders table on the predicate I described earlier (qty >= lb AND qty < hb), group the data by step number, and return the step number and row count: SELECT step, COUNT(*) AS numorders FROM dbo.fn_histsteps(3) AS S JOIN dbo.Orders AS O ON qty >= lb AND qty < hb GROUP BY step;
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Basic definitions for VPN technology A high level overview of tunneling and VPN administration An overview of Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) and Layer Two
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Original string is 2100 bytes long Compressed data is 46 bytes long This test text compresses extremely well, as it s the same string repeated 100 times over. However, on normal data, it s more practical to see compression rates of around 10 to 50 percent. Restoring compressed data requires Zlib::Inflate: require 'zlib' test_text = 'this is a test string' * 100 puts "Original string is #{test_text.length} bytes long" compressed_text = Zlib::Deflate.deflate(test_text) puts "Compressed data is #{compressed_text.length} bytes long" uncompressed_text = Zlib::Inflate.inflate(compressed_text) puts "Uncompressed data is back to #{uncompressed_text.length} bytes in length"
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To deploy an L2TP/IPSec-based remote access solution, the steps are:
Here s the code:
Tools to Manage Permissions
Using a Web Browser to Request a Computer Certificate
The C++ example in Listing 31-34 is relatively long so that you can see a case in which an expert programmer might conscientiously decide that a goto is the best design choice. In such a case, the formatting shown is about the best you can do.
Objective 4.2 Answers 1.
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