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You can see how this affects the rectangle in Figure 5-5.
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USE tempdb; IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.OrderTotals', 'V') IS NOT NULL DROP VIEW dbo.OrderTotals; IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.OrderDetails', 'U') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE dbo.OrderDetails; GO CREATE TABLE dbo.OrderDetails ( oid INT NOT NULL, pid INT NOT NULL, qty INT NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY(oid, pid) ); INSERT INTO dbo.OrderDetails(oid, pid, qty) VALUES (10248, 1, 10), (10248, 2, 20), (10248, 3, 30), (10249, 1, 5), (10249, 2, 10), (10249, 3, 15), (10250, 1, 20), (10250, 2, 20), (10250, 3, 20); GO CREATE VIEW dbo.OrderTotals AS SELECT oid, SUM(qty) AS totalqty FROM dbo.OrderDetails GROUP BY oid; GO
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Summarizing Routes Through Supernetting
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Multiplication means producing a Cartesian product of grouping sets. You perform multiplication by separating GROUPING SETS subclauses (or the abbreviated CUBE and ROLLUP subclauses) by commas. For example, if A represents a set of attributes a1, a2, . . ., an, and B represents a set of attributes b1, b2, . . ., bn, and so on, the product GROUPING SETS( (A), (B), (C) ), GROUPING SETS( (D), (E) ) is equal to GROUPING SETS ( (A, D), (A, E), (B, D), (B, E), (C, D), (C, E) ). Consider the following query and try to gure out which grouping sets it de nes:
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Because Windows Small Business Server is designed for smaller organizations and because of its bargain price you will face speci c limits when working with the package. These limits are not recommendations they re boundaries that can t be transcended. Windows Small Business Server is limited to 75 users. Only one computer in a domain can be running Windows Small Business Server. Windows Small Business Server must be the root of the Active Directory forest. Windows Small Business Server cannot trust any other domains. It cannot have any child domains. qr code reader
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Normally, you wouldn t display a string formatted by using the invariant culture to a user . Typically, you d just save this string in a data file so that it could be parsed later . In the FCL, just three types implement the IFormatProvider interface . The first is CultureInfo, which I ve already explained . The other two are NumberFormatInfo and DateTimeFormatInfo . When GetFormat is called on a NumberFormatInfo object, the method checks if the type being requested is a NumberFormatInfo . If it is, this is returned; if it s not, null is returned . Similarly, calling GetFormat on a DateTimeFormatInfo object returns this if a DateTimeFormatInfo is requested and null if it s not . These two types implement this interface simply as a programming convenience . When trying to obtain a string representation of an object, the caller commonly specifies a format and uses the culture associated with the calling thread . For this reason, you often call ToString, passing a string for the format parameter and null for the formatProvider parameter . To make calling ToString easier for you, many types offer several overloads of the ToString method . For example, the Decimal type offers four different ToString methods:
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$("span").get(0) $("span")[0]
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Temporary Internet files are stored by default in various subfolders of the hidden system folder %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files. If you re curious about the contents of the cache, you can take a look at it as follows: 1. Choose Tools, Internet Options, and click the General tab. 2. Within the Browsing History section, click Settings. 3. In the Settings dialog box, shown in Figure 27-13, click View Files. On some systems you can free up some disk space without suffering any loss of browsing functionality by reducing the cache size. If you have ample free disk space, you can increase the likelihood that a page you visit will be kept in the cache by increasing the cache size. (The minimum allowed size is 8 MB, and the maximum size is 1024 MB. By default, Internet Explorer sets the cache to a reasonable 50 MB.) To adjust the cache size, display the Settings dialog box and use the down arrow to reduce the size of the cache (or enter a smaller number in the edit box). code 39 generator code project
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Sharing, Run Workflow, Start Dialog, Copy a Link, and Email a Link. The following report-specific actions are also available:
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A. Add a CustomValidator control to the DynamicData/FieldTemplates/Integer_Edit.asax
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CC2E.COM/ 2457
TABLE .11-2 . SiteMap .Events .and .Properties
n this chapter, we re going to step back from focusing on individual facets of Ruby and develop an entire program using much of the knowledge you ve gained so far. We ll focus on the structural concerns of application development and look at how a flexible program structure can benefit you and other developers in the long run. The important thing to remember while working through this chapter is that the application itself is not as important as the concepts used while developing it. We ll be rapidly covering a number of areas relevant to most of application development, such as flowcharting, testing, and basic refactoring. These techniques can be relevant when creating any application of a certain size.
-- ATTENDEE FK_ATTENDEEGROUP_ID INTEGER, ALUMNUS BOOLEAN, -- PRESENTER BIO VARCHAR(255), COMPANY VARCHAR(64), COMPANYURL VARCHAR(64), FK_BLOGLINK_ID VARCHAR(64), CONSTRAINT USER_ADDRESS_FK FOREIGN KEY(FK_ADDRESS_ID) REFERENCES ADDRESS(PK_ID), CONSTRAINT UNIQUE_USER_EMAIL UNIQUE(EMAIL) ); Notice that the table has all of the fields required to store every element of the User-AttendeePresenter class hierarchy. Also notice that all of the fields for the subclasses are nullable. The column USERTYPE a VARCHAR(3) will serve as the discriminator column that Hibernate will use to determine the type of object that s stored in a given row. Now let s take a look at the HBM mapping file for the user class hierarchy shown in Listing 4-25. Listing 4-25. Table-Per-Class Hierarchy Mapping for User-Attendee-Presenter < xml version="1.0" > <!DOCTYPE hibernate-mapping PUBLIC "-//Hibernate/Hibernate Mapping DTD 3.0//EN" ""> <hibernate-mapping package="com.integrallis.techconf.domain"> <class name="User" table="user" discriminator-value="USR"> <id name="Id" column="PK_ID" type="integer"> <generator class="identity" /> </id> <discriminator column="USERTYPE" length="3"/> <!-- User fields --> <property name="HomePhone" not-null="false" /> ... <many-to-one class="Address" name="Address" not-null="true" cascade="all" lazy="false" > <column name="FK_ADDRESS_ID" /> </many-to-one> ... <!-- Attendee Subclass --> <subclass name="Attendee" discriminator-value="ATD"> <property name="Alumnus" type="boolean" /> <many-to-one name="Group" class="AttendeeGroup">
TRAINER -------7369 1 row selected. SQL>
Public Sub Write(ByVal w As BinaryWriter) _ Implements IBinarySerialize.Write If > 4000 Then w.Write(, 4000)) Else w.Write( End If End Sub End Class
If the compute-bound task throws an unhandled exception, the exception will be swallowed, stored in a collection, and the thread pool thread is allowed to return to the thread pool . When the Wait method or the Result property is invoked, these members will throw a System.AggregateException object . The AggregateException type is used to encapsulate a collection of exception objects (which can happen if a parent task spawns multiple child tasks that throw exceptions) . It contains an InnerExceptions property that returns a ReadOnlyCollection<Exception> object . Do not confuse the InnerExceptions property with the InnerException property, which the AggregateException class inherits from the System.Exception base class . For the example above, element 0 of AggregateException s InnerExceptions property would refer to the actual System.OverflowException object thrown by the compute-bound method (Sum) . As a convenience, AggregateException overrides Exception s GetBaseException method . AggregateException s implementation returns the innermost AggregateException that is the root cause of the problem (assuming that there is just one innermost exception in the collection) . AggregateException also offers a Flatten method that creates a new AggregateException, whose InnerExceptions property contains a list of exceptions produced by walking the original AggregateException s inner exception hierarchy . Finally, AggregateException also provides a Handle method that invokes a callback method for each exception contained in the AggregateException . The callback can then decide, for each exception, how to handle the exception; the callback returns true to consider the
Data Modi cation
Ensuring Physical Security
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