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Automatic Configuration
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Table 4-18. Content of Sales Table
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Even from this simple description, it s clear that the portal contains two distinct sets of widgets. Hence, two distinct but interrelated masters are needed to render it in code. The parent master (BookSample.master) defines the overall layout of the pages header, body, and footer. The child master (Body.master) expands the body for a certain group of pages, meaning that the Web site will be made of pages belonging to different groups, each with a differently laid out structure. We define a child master in which a toolbar is expected. The content page is responsible for providing the buttons for the toolbar. We ll use a slightly modified version of the BookSample.master page we considered earlier as the parent master in this example. Here s the code:
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Advanced Local Users CommandUser Accounts And Groups Line Utilities 2
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On the Objects And Timeline view, select the Ellipse, and then press the + button next to the Storyboard list at the top of the pane. Accept the defaults in the Create Storyboard dialog box that opens. The Timeline editor opens. You can also see the message Timeline Recording Is On at the top of the Expression Blend window. You can drag the Objects And Timeline view to below the design pane to make it easier to work with the timeline. Your screen should look something like the one shown in Figure 2-22. Look for the yellow line in the timeline view. This denotes the current position on the timeline. Drag it to the 2-second mark, and then click the Record Keyframe tool at the top of the timeline. The Record Keyframe tool looks like a blob with a little green plus sign (+) at its lowerright side. You ll see a little oval appear in the timeline at the 2-second mark, as shown in Figure 2-23.
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Terminal Services
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Correct Answers: B, C, F, and G A. Incorrect: DHCP settings for managing dynamic DNS records are on the DNS tab. B. Correct: DHCP settings for managing dynamic DNS records are on the DNS tab.
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As you can see, the code is pretty verbose; it would be nice if there were some shorthand way to refer to the FileStream and Queue types to reduce typing. Fortunately, many compilers do offer mechanisms to reduce programmer typing. The C# compiler provides this mechanism via the using directive, and Visual Basic provides it via the Imports statement. The following code is identical to the previous example:
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Part II
String s = String.Format("On {0}, {1} is {2} years old.", new DateTime(2010, 4, 22, 14, 35, 5), "Aidan", 7); Console.WriteLine(s);
Actually, because GetFormat s parameter can identify any type, the method is flexible enough to allow any type of format information to be requested . The types in the .NET Framework call GetFormat, requesting only number or date/time information; in the future, other kinds of formatting information could be requested .
These completed slides use photographs from iStockphoto to communicate the message of the headlines. The photo used on the Explanation slide (upper left) lls the screen, and a ll color was added to the title area to make the headline text legible. The Detail slide with the organizational chart (upper right) has additional arrows added to denote reorganization in the headline, and the Detail slide with the of ce buildings (lower left) shows the photograph of an of ce building duplicated and an arrow added to illustrate a new unit. The Detail slide with the person doing a yoga stretch to illustrate we have to be exible might come across as too playful to some audiences, but for this presentation to a team within an organization, it is perfectly ne to have a visual sense of humor.
Core Facilities
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In a workbook structured according to the rS1 .Method, calculations essentially follow the same general structure in which worksheets go from right to left or from the back to the front . The descriptions below follow this same sequence . Whenever I mention a range containing several formulas of the same type (for example, K24:V24), I ll only explain the first formula in each case (here, the formula in cell K24) . You can assume that the same explanation applies to the other formulas in the range, the only difference being the row and column references if these are used .
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