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Figure 2-3. The GRANT command syntax diagram Here are some comments about the GRANT command: Table owners cannot grant the right to remove a table (DROP TABLE) to other database users. Note, however, that Oracle supports a (rather dangerous) DROP ANY TABLE system privilege. If you want to grant all object privileges to someone else, you can use the keyword ALL (see Figure 2-3). (Instead of ALL PRIVILEGES, the Oracle DBMS also allows you to specify ALL.) With a single GRANT command, you can grant privileges to a single user, a list of users, a role, or all database users. You can address all database users with the pseudo-user PUBLIC (see Figure 2-3). The UPDATE privilege supports an optional refinement: this privilege can also be granted for specific columns, by specifying column names between parentheses. In principle, there is no difference between tables and views when granting object privileges; however, the privileges ALTER, INDEX, and REFERENCES are meaningless in the context of views. The GRANT OPTION not only grants certain object privileges, but also grants the right to the grantee to spread these privileges further.
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Because Windows Small Business Server has to supply services to as many as 75 users, and you re depending on it to run your business, a high-powered, robust operating system and highly reliable hardware are essential. When your users rely on a server to get their work done and keep your business running, you certainly don t want frequent failures you don t even want to reboot! In addition to supplying print, le, or other services, the network operating system has to provide network security. Different businesses and organizations have varyl ing security needs, but all must have some level of data protection. Therefore, the system must offer a range of con gurable security levels, from the relatively nonintrusive to the very stringent.
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because they are applied after control attributes are applied.
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21 Tuning Up and Monitoring Performance
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using System; internal sealed class GenObj { ~GenObj() { Console.WriteLine("In Finalize method"); } } public static class Program { public static void Main() { Console.WriteLine("Maximum generations: " + GC.MaxGeneration); // Create a new GenObj in the heap. Object o = new GenObj(); // Because this object is newly created, it is in generation 0. Console.WriteLine("Gen " + GC.GetGeneration(o)); // 0
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FIGURE 10-1 Changing inheritance data matrix
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Setting Thread Pool Limits
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