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Note that SQL Server records only dependency information for references that appear in static T-SQL code . It doesn t record dependency information for references that appear in dynamic SQL and CLR code . To demonstrate retrieving reliable dependency information in SQL Server 2008, first run the following code, which creates a few objects with dependencies:
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5. Restart your computer. With UAC disabled, the shield icons still appear throughout Control Panel, but you won t see any UAC prompts. Clicking a button or link identified with a shield immediately proceeds with the desired action. Administrators run with full administrator privileges; standard users, of course, still have only standard privileges.
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<PropertyGroup> <RunFxCopDependsOn> SetupFxCopProperties; CopySourceFiles; ValidateFxCopSettings; BeforeFxCop; CoreFxCop; DetectFxCopError; AfterFxcop </RunFxCopDependsOn> </PropertyGroup>
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each object in XAML, but note that RoutedEvent supports only the Loaded event. To implement an animation that will begin when the rectangle is loaded, you can specify the EventTrigger as follows:
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Client-side navigation Client-side code or markup allows a user to request a new webpage. Your client code or markup requests a new webpage in response to a clientside event, such as the click of a hyperlink or the execution of JavaScript as part of a button click. Cross-page posting
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WITH RunningTotals AS ( SELECT AQ1.cs, CAST(AQ1.total_duration / 1000. AS DECIMAL(12, 2)) AS total_s, CAST(SUM(AQ2.total_duration) / 1000. AS DECIMAL(12, 2)) AS running_total_s,
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SELECT DATEADD(month, DATEDIFF(month, '18991231', SYSDATETIME()), '18991231');
To see the two log messages created by this example, you can open the Logging.mdf database from the bin\Debug folder using Visual Studio Server Explorer. You will find that the FormattedMessage column of the second message contains the following. You can see the extended property information we added using a Dictionary at the end of the message.
31. Layout and Style
The Connector for Microsoft Dynamics is free of charge to customers with active Microsoft Dynamics ERP Enhancement and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software Assurance (SA) plans. At the time this book went to press, Microsoft had not announced the exact timing regarding support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 or Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, but we expect both on-premises and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online will be supported within a few months after the initial software release.
The DetailsView Control
TABLE 10-8
$("h2").wrapInner( "<span class='pageTitle' />");
Caching .Page .Content
when they are truly logically equivalent , and this case qualifies. The plan generated for the last query using IN is identical to the one shown in Figure 4-1 , which was generated for the query using EXISTS. If you're always thinking of the implications of three-valued logic, you might realize that there is a difference between IN and EXISTS. Unlike EXISTS, IN can in fact produce an UNKNOWN logical result when the input list contains a NULL. For example, a IN(b, c, NULL) is UNKNOWN. However, because UNKNOWN is treated like FALSE in a filter, the result of a query with the IN predicate is the same as with the EXISTS predicate, and the optimizer is aware of that, hence the identical plans.
Windows SharePoint Services is a Web-based collaboration and document management system that is easily and quickly deployed to provide an effective intranet solution for businesses of all sizes. In SBS, SharePoint is installed automatically, and an internal Web site (http://companyweb), shown in Figure 22-1, is created and con gured with a range of features that make sense for small businesses.
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