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21. Click the Networking tab.
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Unique department number Department name Department location (city) Employee number of the manager of the department
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Logging Levels
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i6 >=32 i7 <= 0 i8 any noninteger i9 empty i10 >= 3 integers
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Part II Designing Types
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stored procedure is useful mainly to refresh statistics globally after an upgrade of the product or after attaching a database from an earlier version of the product or service pack level. Ironically, when we found the problem, the query that was the trigger for creating the job was not even used anymore in the system. We simply removed the job and let SQL Server use its automatic maintenance of statistics. Naturally, the graph of I/O latches simply attened, and the performance problem vanished.
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Reference: The chart takes its data
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As I said in the preceding section, checking strings for equality is a common operation for many applications this task can hurt performance significantly . When performing an ordinal equality check, the CLR quickly tests to see if both strings have the same number of characters . If they don t, the strings are definitely not equal; if they do, the strings might be equal, and the CLR must then compare each individual character to determine for sure . When performing a culturally aware comparison, the CLR must always compare all of the individual characters because strings of different lengths might be considered equal . In addition, if you have several instances of the same string duplicated in memory, you re wasting memory because strings are immutable . You ll use memory much more efficiently if there is just one instance of the string in memory and all variables needing to refer to the string can just point to the single string object . If your application frequently compares strings for equality using case-sensitive, ordinal comparisons, or if you expect to have many string objects with the same value, you can enhance performance substantially if you take advantage of the string interning mechanism in the CLR . When the CLR initializes, it creates an internal hash table in which the keys are strings and the values are references to String objects in the managed heap . Initially, the table is empty (of course) . The String class offers two methods that allow you to access this internal hash table:
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The Search folder is the place to begin if really have no idea where an item you want might be or if you want a collection of items that are scattered in a variety of unrelated indexed folders. To get to the Search box, open the Start menu and choose Search. The Search folder, shown in Figure 7-22, searches all indexed folders, by default. (It can certainly be set to a different search scope, but if you arrive at the folder by choosing Search on the Start menu, the scope will be set to Indexed Locations.) Near the top of the folder, below the Address bar, the Search pane contains filter buttons that constrain the results to six result categories: All, E-Mail, Document, Picture, Music, and Other. If you are looking for a specific kind of information an e-mail message, for example you can save the search engine a little trouble (and yourself a moment of time) by selecting that category before you begin searching. (The Other category in an indexed search produces miscellaneous items, such as folders, Microsoft OneNote notebooks, web feeds, videos, and scripts.) Alternatively, if you want everything, you can start with All then use the categories to look at specific kinds of results after the search is complete.
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The Component HTML Template
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If 1 doesn t exist in the table, the CASE expression returns 1; otherwise, it returns the result of a subquery returning the minimum missing value. Here s the subquery that I used to return the minimum missing value:
Before writing any code, you first need to understand the logic you ll implement for making product recommendations. We ll focus here on the logic of recommending products that were ordered together with another specific product. Afterward, the recommendations for the shopping cart page will function in a similar way but will take more products into consideration. So, you need to find out what other products were bought by customers who also bought the product for which you re calculating the recommendations (in other words, determine the customer who bought this product also bought information). Let s develop the SQL logic to achieve the list of product recommendations step by step.
Make sure that any partitions on which you plan to capture DV-AVI video are formatted in NTFS . FAT32 partitions have a file-size limit of 4 GB .
12, Update Management, details what you need to know about security updating, but multi-role servers do have support and update management considerations unique to the platform. Because of the number of services running on the same system, it is a fact that debugging issues may be more challenging. This does not mean they are impossible to deal with, but when an issue arises, ensure that the vendors you work with understand that they are working on a multi-role server. For example, certain third-party applications may need different versions of .NET installed, and vendors need to understand their shared place on this server and not unduly change permissions, install their products on top of existing Web sites, or perform any other actions by which vendors have historically have nearly destroyed a multi-role server in the past. LOB Application Virtualization Tip When installing an LOB application, consider using Virtual Server. This places the application away from your other server roles, and will ensure that the vendor will have no ability to restrict the supportability on the multi-role server you are running the application.
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Reconciling the DHCP Database
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