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Changing Data
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Perhaps one of the hardest aspects of networking to troubleshoot is IPSec. The best troubleshooting tool is your knowledge of how IPSec works, the specifics of your pol icies (what you are trying to accomplish and how the policy is configured), and the use of the IPSec Monitor.
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2. In the console tree, click Remote Access Policies. 3. In the details pane, double-click the policy that you want to configure. 4. Click Edit Profile. 5. On the Authentication tab, specify any required settings. 6. Click OK.
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MSBuild Deep Dive, Part 2
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not the leading column of the index, you should run update statistics on the index immediately after you build or rebuild this index. The following query against metadata tables identi es all partitioned indexes in a database that are partitioned on a column different from the leading column of the index key.
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Logic Puzzles
.net data matrix reader
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Quick Check Answers
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Once Team Build has been installed on a machine, you still need to add the machine as a build agent to each Team Project that is allowed to submit builds to it. This gives you the exibility of having different build agents for different Team Projects, but you can still add a single build agent to multiple Team Projects. To add the build agent to a Team Project, do this: 1. Open Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. 2. Open Team Explorer.
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Manufacturing Queue
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Member of Class Member of Struct
Ignores (doesn t attempt to fix) markup interfering text.
Checked and Unchecked Primitive Type Operations
22. Developer Testing
Rank and dense rank are calculations similar to row number. But unlike row number, which has a large variety of practical applications, rank and dense rank are typically used for ranking and scoring applications.
Notice that customer attributes, such as the company name (cname), are duplicated for each matching order . Suppose that a user who was granted UPDATE permissions against the view wants to modify the company name to Cust 42 , where the order ID (oid) is equal to 1001 . The user submits the following update:
Displaying or Hiding Optional Elements
Objectives of Good Layout
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