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The Windows Forms class set doesn't provide a direct equivalent of the table support in Swing. Tables can be displayed by using the System.Windows.Forms.ListBox class, but this class doesn't offer the flexibility of the javax.swing.JTable class and doesn't provide access to the cell renderers that are contained in the javax.swing.table package.
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It is possible that multiple static classes could define the same extension method . If the compiler detects that two or more extension methods exist, then the compiler issues the following message: "error CS0121: The call is ambiguous
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App1: Relying party
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All objects that are added to your Silverlight application are represented in the Objects and Timeline panel. Since items can be nested within other objects, a type of layering takes place. For objects that contain additional objects, an arrow will appear to the left of the item. Click this arrow to expand and collapse the display of the nested objects. When animation is added to your Silverlight application, storyboards are created. Storyboards are represented in the timeline, as shown earlier in Figure 9-2. You ll learn more about the timeline in 11.
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C++ Conventions
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UTF-8 support, which is provided with Windows Server 2003.
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expressions is that they remove a level of indirection from within your source code . Normally, you d have to write a separate method, give that method a name, and then pass the name of that method where a delegate is required . The name gives you a way to refer to a body of code, and if you need to refer to the same body of code from multiple locations in your source code, then writing a method and giving it a name is a great way to go . However, if you need to have a body of code that is referred to only once within your source code, then a lambda expression allows you to put that code directly inline without having to assign it a name, thus increasing programmer productivity .
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Key Point 3
Listing 31-25. Abstract example of misleading indentation.
After completing this chapter, you will be able to
undergoes the same treatment as for binary serialization and Base64 encoding. The control state is also persisted within the view state s hidden field.
What it essentially instructs Excel to do is as follows: If the value in cell G12 is less than or equal to the value in the cell with the name rL1.PeriodSel, start at the rD1.Node cell and, from there, read the value in another cell . Starting at rD1.Node, move down the number of rows specified by the value in cell G12, and move across the number of columns to the right that are currently specified by the number in the rL1.Indicators01Sel cell . Otherwise (i .e ., if the
Recommended Startup Settings for Serices
You can customize the Send To menu by adding shortcuts to %UserProfile%\AppData\ Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo . Many users, for example, like to add a shortcut to Notepad .exe there, so that they can right-click a file and deliver it to a text-rendering application via the Send To command . Curiously, if you map a network share, you not only get to access that share with a drive letter, you also get an automatic addition to your Send To menu . To map a share, open Windows Explorer and display the menu bar . (Press Alt if you don t want to keep the menu bar visible after you finish this procedure .) Choose Tools, Map Network Drive . In the Map Network Drive dialog box, supply a drive letter and the UNC path to the network share:
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