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20.1 Characteristics of Software Quality
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All client PCs on your network obtain their IP configurations from a DHCP server on the same subnet. A user reports that she rebooted her PC, which had been powered down while she was on vacation, and it is no longer working properly. You log on the PC as the local administrator and use the Ipconfig command-line utility. The PC has an IP address of with a subnet mask. Which of the following could have caused this problem (Choose all that apply). A. The DHCP server is powered down.
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XAML Transformation and Animation
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linearly . Otherwise, the content from the first selected cell is copied to all of the others . Note that a small text box appears during this operation, which provides a preview of how you are filling the cells in the series .
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Click OK to close the Property Pages dialog box.
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FIGURE 23-8 Setting the initial password for the Administrator account
In short, I hope that you realize it s wise to avoid naming temporary tables the same in different stored procedures/levels . A way to avoid such issues is to add a unique proc identifier to the names of temporary tables . For example, you could name the temporary table in proc1 #T1_proc1, and in proc2 name the temporary table #T1_proc2 . When you re done, run the following code for cleanup:
Working with Client-Side Scripting, AJAX, and jQuery
window shows you all the enclosing type s defined partial method declarations that do not yet have matching implementing partial method declarations . You can then easily select a partial method from the IntelliSense window and Visual Studio will produce the method prototype for you automatically . This is a very nice feature that enhances productivity .
Explicitly Unloading Assemblies: Unloading an AppDomain
Subnet masks are used by hosts to determine which portion of an IP address is consid ered the network ID of that address. Class A, B, and C addresses use default subnet masks that cover the first 8, 16, and 24 bits, respectively, of a 32-bit address. The logical network that is defined by a subnet mask is known as a subnet. Default subnet mask values are acceptable for networks that do not need to be subdi vided. For example, on a network with 100 computers connected only through Gigabit Ethernet cards, cables, and switches, all hosts can communicate with each other by using the local network. Routers are not needed within the network to shield excessive broadcasts or to connect hosts on separate physical segments. For such simple require ments, a single Class C network ID is sufficient. Figure 2-6 illustrates a single-subnet network such as this.
The Forwarders tab of the DNS server properties dialog box allows you to forward DNS queries received by the local DNS server to upstream DNS servers, called forwarders. This tab also allows you to disable recursion for select queries (as spec ified by domain). The Root Hints tab of the DNS server properties dialog box provides a simple way to modify the contents in the Cache.dns file. If you are using your DNS server to resolve Internet names, you do not normally need to modify these entries. However, if you are using your DNS server only to answer queries for hosts in a separate and private DNS namespace, you should alter these root hints to point to the root servers in your network. Finally, if your DNS server computer is itself the root server (named . ) of your private namespace, you should delete the Cache.dns file. When you deploy a DNS server on a domain controller, you can choose to store the zone data in the Active Directory database. Active Directory integrated zones minimize zone transfer traffic, improve security, decrease administrative overhead, and improve fault tolerance. You can configure zone data to be replicated among all DNS servers in the Active Directory forest, among all DNS servers in the Active Directory domain, among all domain controllers in the Active Directory domain, or among all servers enlisted in a custom application directory partition. The SOA resource record includes several parameters that affect zone transfers, such as Refresh Interval, Retry Interval, Expires After, and Minimum (Default) TTL. When nonsecure dynamic updates are allowed in a zone, any computer can update a resource record in a DNS zone. When only secure dynamic updates are allowed, only the owner of a record can update it. Secure dynamic updates can be required only on Active Directory integrated zones.
To filter the Frame Summary to display only HTTP packets, type hTTP in the Display Filter pane, and then click Apply. Network Monitor displays just the HTTP packets. In the Frame Summary pane, select the first frame. In the Frame Details pane, expand the Http section. Notice the command that was transmitted (probably GET), the URI, and the host. In the Frame Summary pane, select the HTTP response, which is probably the second frame. In the Http section of the Frame Details pane, notice the StatusCode (probably 200), the server, the command that was transmitted (probably GET), the URI, and the host. Browse through the other requests and responses, which probably include requests for objects contained in the HTML page.
In fact, my own book, Windows via C/C++, 5th Edition (Microsoft Press, 2007), has several chapters devoted to this subject .
CHAPTER 7: Developing with HTML5
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