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Note that with small tables you might not get any rows at all. For example, run the following query multiple times, requesting a single row from the Production.ProductCostHistory table in the AdventureWorks2008 database:
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t is often said that writing is a lonely task, but it s not until you write a book that you realize the process has to be anything but lonely. Without the help and reassurance of the large team of people backing this book, and backing me personally, this book could not have been written. My first thanks go to Keir Thomas, who approached me with the idea of writing a Ruby book back in 2005. He gave me great freedom over the scope and specification of the book, and was the most essential piece of the puzzle in getting the book approved and everything sorted out in the early stages. Beth Christmas of Apress deserves a special thanks for her superb project management and constant reassurance during the writing of this book in both its editions so far. Without her schedules and assurance that everything was on track, I would have been a nervous wreck. Jonathan Gennick, Tim Fletcher, Peter Marklund, Alan Bradburne, and Peter Szinek deserve much praise for their seemingly unending reading and rereading of this book s chapters throughout the various stages of their development. As a newcomer to Ruby, Jonathan provided some especially interesting insights that have served to make the book even better for Ruby newcomers to read. I d also like to praise Susannah Davidson Pfalzer for her diligent approach to copy editing the first edition of this book by fixing my pronouns, removing my overuse of words like however and therefore, and generally making it possible to read the book without going insane. As the first edition of this book was my first book for Apress, I depended on Susannah s deep knowledge of Apress customs a great deal. For this second edition of the book, I thank Damon Larson for performing the same role admirably. Naturally, thanks go to all of the other people I directly worked with on the book, whether they re from Apress or independent. In no particular order: Michelle Lowman, Laura Esterman, Candace English, Nancy Bell, Jason Gilmore, Lori Bring, Nancy Sixsmith, and why the lucky stiff. Separately from the book itself, I have to give thanks to many in the Ruby community for either working alongside me, producing tools I ve used, or just making the Ruby language more appealing in general. In no particular order: why the lucky stiff (for an unforgettable foreword), Yukihiro Matz Matsumoto, Zach Inglis, Satish Talim, Mike Gunderloy, Jamie van Dyke, Amy Hoy, Evan Weaver, Geoffrey Grosenbach, Obie Fernandez, Gregg Pollack, Jason Seifer, Damien Tanner, Chris Roos, Martin Sadler, Zach Dennis, Pat Toner, Pat Eyler, Hendy Irawan, Ian Ozsvald, Caius Durling, Jeremy Jarvis, Nic Williams, Shane Vitarana, Josh Catone, Ryan Tomayko, Karel Minarik, Jonathan Conway, Alex MacCaw, Benjamin Curtis, and David Heinemeier Hansson. I am anxious I ve missed some names, especially with the exploding population of the Ruby community in between the two editions of this book, so if you re missing from this list, I humbly apologize.
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[Serializable] internal class Circle { private Double m_radius; [NonSerialized] private Double m_area; public Circle(Double radius) { m_radius = radius; m_area = Math.PI * m_radius * m_radius; } [OnDeserialized] private void OnDeserialized(StreamingContext context) { m_area = Math.PI * m_radius * m_radius; } }
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NameObjectCollectionBase and NameValueCollection
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28. Click Apply, and then click Next. A command prompt window will open and close as the profile is created. When the Completing The Connection Manager Administration Kit Wizard page appears, click Finish.
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Part III Essential Types
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Figure 7-19 On the Search tab of the Folder Options dialog box, you can configure word wheel behaior, content search, and other important details.
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With page tagging, a small piece of HTML (usually JavaScript) code is inserted into each page. When the visitor s browser displays the page, the tagging reference in the page will force the visitor s browser to access a remote server. When this access occurs, the remote server records information about the user. The reference may be an invisible piece of JavaScript code that is executed or an image retrieved for display. Page tagging is most visibly used when posting content to a third-party site (such as eBay). Many eBay sellers post auction items that include a small bit of code to display a page counter or ticker. Popular free services such as Easy Counter ( and Simple Hit Counter ( provide counters that can be placed on any web site. When the user s browser displays the page, the image for the ticker is retrieved from the remote server and at the same time the server hosting the counter retrieves and records information about the requester. A page tag doesn t necessarily access a remote site. Many of the Joomla extensions that provide site statistics use a small tag in the form of a Joomla module to record user information directly into the MySQL database on the server. Two of the dominant commercial players in the page tagging analytics area are Google and Visual Sciences (, formerly known as WebSideStory. While the Google page tagging system is free, Visual Sciences works with an organization to customize analytics and reporting capabilities based on the needs of the concern. Page tagging has a number of advantages over log file processing. Since the code executes in the browser window, there are few problems with page caching minimizing the visitor counts. Further, since the JavaScript code executes in the browser window, it can collect additional information (such as screen size) from the user s machine. Page tagging also has a number of drawbacks when compared with log file analysis. Since bots don t execute page, when they reference a code (including JavaScript), page tagging provides no information about bot access to a web site. Additionally, remote page tagging systems collect their raw data in a proprietary format that is inaccessible to a webmaster. Therefore, if a web site adopts a different tagging provider, the past data cannot be integrated with future information. Most tagging solutions also require cookies to be activated on the client browser or they cannot effectively track a user session. This is usually not a problem since cookie features are generally enabled on most browsers.
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Next, as Mark began to click through a sequence of images similar to those shown in Figure 1-10, he said, How are you going to do it My suggestion to you is, again, you ve got to follow the evidence. This statement and the images Mark displayed clearly de ned the story thread that would pull the entire presentation forward and focus every piece of information to come. You ll learn more about story threads and how to choose one for your next presentation in s 3 and 4.
Index.aspx or Create.aspx.
The code sets the display mode of the Web parts to catalog.
deleteCharAt() ensureCapacity() EnsureCapacity()
To make TESTREC.EXE as useful as possible, I needed to do some special processing to make the output strings readable. Basically, you check the keyboard state to see whether the shift key is down, and if it is, convert the key to its readable form. Fortunately, the GetKeyboardState and ToUnicode API functions take care of the problem of getting the real key. The best way for you to get the gist of this keystroke processing is to look at CRecordingEngine::NormalKeyState in Listing 16-4. Listing 16-4: CRecordingEngine::NormalKeyState void CRecordingEngine :: NormalKeyState ( PEVENTMSG pMsg ) { // The state to shift to after processing the key passed in. eKeyStates eShiftToState = eNormalKey ; UINT vkCode = LOBYTE ( pMsg->paramL ) ; #ifdef _DEBUG { STATETRACE (_T("RECSTATE: Normal : ")) ; if ( ( WM_KEYDOWN == pMsg->message { STATETRACE ( _T( "KEYDOWN " ) ) ; } else { STATETRACE ( _T ( "KEYUP " ) ) ; } TCHAR szName [ 100 ] ; GetKeyNameText ( pMsg->paramH << 16 , szName , 100 ) ; CharUpper ( szName ) ; STATETRACE ( _T ( "%c %d %04X (%s)\n" ) , vkCode vkCode vkCode szName } #endif // Check that this is not key that will cause a transition out. switch ( vkCode ) { 605 , , , ) ; ) || ) ( WM_SYSKEYDOWN == pMsg->message )
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