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This code defines a map var that will be shared across this and another JavaScript function (which you ll see in a moment). The GetMap() then creates a new VEMap object (representing a Virtual Earth map) in the div that you created earlier and loads it. Finally, call the GetMap when the page loads. Amend the <Body> tag to call GetMap by specifying its OnLoad behavior:
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FAULT ->00410144 mov ds:0023:00000004= 00410147 cmp 0041014d (004101a0) 0041014f mov 00410152 mov 00410155 mov 00410157 push 0041015c push 00410161 mov 00410164 xor 00410166 push jz dword ptr [ecx],0x80000003
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5 . . Now add some mouse interactivity to the shapes on the Canvas . First, set up mouse enter and leave handlers to increase the opacity of the shapes in the Canvas when the pointer rests on them . To do this, open the MainPage .xaml .cs file and implement event handlers for the MouseEnter and the MouseLeave events . The event handlers are going to be attached to the shapes themselves, so the sender of these events is going to be the shapes . For each implementation, cast the first argument (the sender) to be of type Shape . This is necessary to access its Opacity property . The MouseEnter handler should then assign the Opacity property to be 100 percent (the number 1, that is) . The MouseLeave handler should reduce the Opacity property to 60 percent (the number 0 .6, that is) . After implementing the MouseEnter and MouseLeave handlers, in the Page constructor, wire up the event handlers to the MouseEnter and MouseLeave events of every element on the Canvas, as shown in bold text in the following XAML:
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forwarder A DNS server designated by other internal DNS servers to be used to forward queries for resolving external or offsite DNS domain names. frame In synchronous communication, a package of information transmitted as a single unit from one device to another. frame type The way in which a network type, such as Ethernet, formats data to be sent over a network. When multiple frame types are allowed for a particular network type, the packets are structured differently and are, therefore, incompatible. All computers on a network must use the same frame type to communicate. Also called frame format. full computer name A fully qualified domain name (FQDN). The full computer name is a concatenation of the computer name (for example, client1) and the pri mary DNS suffix of the computer (for example, The same com puter could be identified by more than one FQDN. However, it has only one full computer name. fully qualified domain name (FQDN) A DNS name that has been stated to indicate its absolute location in the domain namespace tree. In contrast to relative names, an FQDN has a trailing period (.) to qualify its position to the root of the namespace ( global account In an Active Directory network, a normal user account in a user s domain. Most user accounts are global accounts. If multiple domains exist in the network, it is best if each user in the network has only one user account in only one domain, and each user s access to other domains is accomplished through the establishment of domain trust relationships. global catalog A directory database that applications and clients can query to locate any object in a forest. The global catalog is hosted on one or more domain controllers in the forest. It contains a partial replica of every domain directory partition in the forest. These partial replicas include replicas of every object in the forest, as follows: the attributes most frequently used in search operations and the attributes required to locate a full replica of the object. global group A security or distribution group that can contain users, groups, and computers from its own domain as members. Global security groups can be granted rights and permissions for resources in any domain in the forest. globally unique identifier (GUID) A 16-byte value generated from the unique identifier on a device, the current date and time, and a sequence number. A GUID is used to identify a particular device or component.
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FIGURE 1-10 Using Expression Encoder to build a Silverlight media player.
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AWStats is a full-featured standalone package written in Perl (Webalizer is written in C++). Since Perl is available on almost every known platform and operating system, AWStats can run almost anywhere. The program can process logs in formats including Apache Custom Log format (NCSA combined/XLF/ELF log format or common/CLF log format), WebStar, W3C Extended Log File format (for Microsoft IIS), and numerous other rarer formats. It can even analyze FTP and mail log files. The AWStats program has many advanced features, such as recognition of human vs. bot visitors; unique visitor statistics; technology usage reports that enumerate visitor access to Flash, QuickTime, RealPlayer; and other site media, and personalized reporting. AWStats is available for free download at
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If the standard frames are used, local variables are negative offsets from EBP. The SUB instruction reserves the space, as shown in a preceding section "Common Sequence: Function Entry and Exit." The following code shows how to set a local variable to a new value: void AccessLocalVariable ( void ) { int iLocal ; __asm { // Set the local variable to 23. MOV iLocal , 017h // If symbols are loaded, the Disassembly window will show // MOV DWORD PTR [iLocal],017h. // If symbols are not loaded, the Disassembly window will show // MOV [EBP-4],017h. } } If standard frames aren't used, finding local variables can be difficult if you can find them at all. The problem is that local variables appear as positive offsets from ESP, just as parameters do. The trick in that case is to try to find the SUB instruction so that you can see how many bytes are devoted to local variables. If the ESP offset is larger than the number of bytes set aside for local variables, that offset reference is probably a parameter. Stack frames are a bit confusing the first time you encounter them, so I think a final example and a couple of illustrations might help clarify the subject. The following code, a very simple C function, will show you why parameters are at positive offsets from EBP and why local variables are at negative offsets with standard stack frames. After the C function, AccessLocalsAndParamsExample, is the code to make the actual call and parameter setup. The last piece is the disassembly for the function as it was compiled in the ASMer sample program. // The C function itself. void AccessLocalsAndParamsExample ( int * pParam1 , int * pParam2 ) { int iLocal1 = 3 ; int iLocal2 = 0x42 ; iLocal1 = *pParam1 ; iLocal2 = *pParam2 ; }
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The CM client dialer is software that can be installed on each VPN client. It includes advanced features that make it a superset of basic remote access networking. At the same time, CM presents a simplified dialing experience to the user. It limits the number of configuration options that a user can change, ensuring that the user can always connect successfully. For example, with the CM client dialer, a user can: code 128 barcode generator
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<th>AuthorLastName</th> <th>AuthorFirstName</th> <th>Topic</th> <th>Publisher</th> </tr> <% foreach (var item in Model) { %> <tr> <td> <%= Html.ActionLink("Edit", "Edit", new { id=item.ID }) %> | <%= Html.ActionLink("Details", "Details", new { id=item.ID })%> </td> <td> <%= Html.Encode(item.ID) %> </td> <td> <%= Html.Encode(item.Title) %> </td> <td> <%= Html.Encode(item.AuthorLastName) %> </td> <td> <%= Html.Encode(item.AuthorFirstName) %> </td> <td> <%= Html.Encode(item.Topic) %> </td> <td> <%= Html.Encode(item.Publisher) %> </td> </tr> <% } %> </table> <p> <%= Html.ActionLink("Create New", "Create") %> </p> </asp:Content>
When I ran this code in my system, I got more than 98 percent fragmentation, which of course is very high. If you need more evidence to support the fact that the order of the pages in the linked list is different from their order in the le, you can use the undocumented DBCC IND command, which gives you the B-tree layout of the index:
Common Security Scenarios
county, and then sorted within the groups by city. Correct Answer: D
and you should see a red rectangle. Nice. OK, let s draw something more than just a rectangle. How about a stick figure We already have the head. Let s add a body and arms. Just draw two more rectangles like this:
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
After the client passes the client-side validation tests, the request is posted back to the server and the server-side validation starts . Server-side validation is managed by infrastructure in the Page class . As you add validator controls to the page, they re added to a collection of validators managed by the page . Each validation control implements an interface named IValidator . The IValidator interface specifies a Validate method, an ErrorMessage property, and an IsValid property . Of course, each validator has its own custom logic to determine the validity of the data held in the control it is validating . For example, the RequiredFieldValidator checks to see that data is entered in the control it is associated with . The RegularExpressionValidator compares the data in a control to a specific regular expression .
The MsNbcWeather Web part gets weather information about a U.S. city (identified by a ZIP Code) and displays that in the page. Weather information is provided by the MSNBC Web site. In this case, the information is not retrieved through a Web service call. A ready-to-use page on the site returns a JavaScript object filled with weather information. The Web part invokes this URL and then processes the JavaScript code in the client-side onload event of the window. The sample portal page we re building using these three Web parts is shown in Figure 3-6.
In order to follow the instructions here without difficulty and to implement these with ease in the exercises I suggest or those of your own design, you'll need to feel at home with some of the content covered earlier . This content includes:
for Microsoft Office include Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and the IP stack. Money, and the Windows shell.
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