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Managing Startup Programs
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Note In 15, you ll be using threads to create a server that creates new threads of execution for
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IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.MyOrders') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE dbo.MyOrders; GO SELECT * INTO dbo.MyOrders FROM Sales.Orders CREATE INDEX idx_dt ON dbo.MyOrders(orderdate);
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How It Works: The Code That Communicates with DataCash
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As mentioned earlier, the ISerializable interface is extremely powerful since it allows a type to take complete control over how instances of the type get serialized and deserialized . However, this power comes at a cost: The type is now responsible for serializing all of its base type s fields as well . Serializing the base type s fields is easy if the base type also implements the ISerializable interface; you just call the base type s GetObjectData method . However, someday, you may find yourself defining a type that needs to take control of its serialization but whose base type does not implement the ISerializable interface . In this case, your derived class must manually serialize the base type s fields by grabbing their values and adding them to the SerializationInfo collection . Then, in your special constructor, you will also have to get the values out of the collection and somehow set the base class s
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Consider using a binary search rather then a sequential search In the grading example, the loop that assigns the grade searches sequentially through the list of grading limits. If you had a larger list, the cost of the sequential search might become prohibitive. If it does, you can replace it with a quasi-binary search. It s a quasi binary search because the point of most binary searches is to find a value. In this case, you don t expect to find the value; you expect to find the right category for the value. The binary-search algorithm must correctly determine where the value should go. Remember also to treat the endpoint as a special case.
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Be a table expression, such as a view. Have triggers. Participate in primary key foreign key relationships. Participate in merge replication or updatable subscriptions for transactional replication.
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Part II Designing Types
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Planning the Rest of Your Slides
Installing TCP/IP
Setting a generic type variable to null is illegal unless the generic type is constrained to a reference type .
Part V
With your story template in hand, you can rest assured that you have a focused tale to tell at your next presentation. When you re comfortable with the basics of completing your template, try improvising on the concept using these 10 tips.
The Seadragon control renders an image along with buttons for zooming in and out, going to full screen, and panning, This extender is targeted to the TextBox control . It adds a graphical slider that the end user can use to change the numeric value in the TextBox . This extender controls and adds buttons users can use to move between images individually and to play the slide show automatically . This server-side control manages a set of tabbed panels for managing content on a page . TextBoxWatermark extends the TextBox control to display a message while the TextBox is empty . When the TextBox contains some text, the TextBox appears as a typical TextBox . This extender extends the CheckBox to show custom images reflecting the state of the CheckBox . This extender provides a clean interface for animating content associated with an UpdatePanel . ValidatorCallout extends the validator controls (such as RequiredFieldValidator and RangeValidator) . The callouts are small pop-up windows that appear near the UI elements containing incorrect data to direct user focus to them .
Base Filtering Engine User Mode Kernel Mode TDI
To begin using Parental Controls, open it in Control Panel. (It s in the User Accounts And Family Safety category.) After consenting to the User Account Control prompt (or entering an administrator password if you re logged on as a standard user), you ll see a window like the one shown in Figure 10-20.
n Note This server will go around the main loop permanently. To exit it, press Ctrl+C.
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