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The Favorite Links list that appears in the top of the Navigation pane provides direct transport to folders that might or might not be located somewhere along the current path. Windows Explorer gives you a half-dozen of these by default:
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Command Prompt offers an invaluable file-name and folder-name completion feature that can save you the trouble of typing long paths or file names. If you start typing a command string and then press Tab (the default completion character), Command Prompt proposes the next file or folder name that s consistent with what you ve typed so far. For example, to switch to a folder that starts with the letter Q, you can type cd q and press the folder-name completion character as many times as necessary until the folder you want appears. By default, the completion character for both file names and folder names is the Tab key. You can select a different completion character by modifying the registry values of
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So far I presented solutions where paths were computed when the code was executed. In the materialized path solution, the paths will be stored so that they need not be computed repeatedly. You basically store an enumerated path and a level for each node of the tree in two additional columns. The solution applies only to treespossibly forests. There are two main advantages of this approach over the iterative/recursive approach. Queries are simpler and set-based (without relying on recursive CTEs). Also, queries typically perform much faster, as they can rely on indexing of the path. However, now that you have two additional attributes in the table, you need to keep them in sync with the tree as it undergoes changes. The cost of modifications will determine whether it's reasonable to synchronize the path and level values with every change in the tree. For example, what is the effect of adding a new leaf to the tree I like to refer to the effect of such a modification informally as the "shake effect." Fortunately, as I will elaborate shortly, the shake effect of adding new leaves is minor. Also, the effect of dropping or moving a small subtree is typically not very significant. The enumerated path can get lengthy when the tree is deepin other words, when there are many levels of managers. SQL Server limits the size of index keys to 900 bytes. To achieve the performance benefits of an index on the path column, you will limit it to 900 bytes. Before getting concerned by this fact, try thinking in practical terms: 900 bytes can contain trees with hundreds of levels. Will your tree ever reach more than hundreds of levels I'll admit that I never had to model a hierarchy with hundreds of levels. In short, apply common sense and think in practical terms.
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Common Security Scenarios
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10 Shares and Permissions
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Integrity Labels in Windows Server 2008
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When you debug or start without debugging from Visual Studio, it will run the website by using the lightweight ASP.NET development server that is included in Visual Studio. However, you can open the remote server s website by using Internet Explorer or another web browser, to verify that the site functions correctly on the website.
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3. Check For IIS Administrative Vulnerabilities 4. Check For SQL Administrative Vulnerabilities Note
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MSBuild Deep Dive, Part 2
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<SubArea Id="test_subarea" Url="custompage.aspx"> <Privilege Entity="account" Privilege="Delete, Write"/> </SubArea>
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<html jwcid="@ConferenceBorder" title="Conference Summary"> ... </html>
Whether you plan to share files and folders with other people who share your computer or those who connect to your computer over the network (or both), the process for setting up shared resources is the same, as long as the Sharing wizard is enabled. We recommend that you use the Sharing wizard, even if you normally disdain wizards. It s quick, easy, and is certain to make all the correct settings for network shares and NTFS permissions a sometimes daunting task if undertaken manually. Once you ve configured shares with the wizard, you can always dive in and make changes manually if you desire. To be sure the Sharing wizard is enabled, open Folder Options. (Type folder in the Start menu Search box or, in Windows Explorer, click Organize, Folder And Search Options.) Click the View tab, and near the bottom of the Advanced Settings list, see that Use Sharing Wizard (Recommended) is selected.
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
Figure 3-9 Our imagination fills in the gaps
The javax.swing.table Package
Objects: The Stuff You Want
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