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On many Linux implementations, after you reboot the system following the initial installation, the XAMPP system will no longer be running. You will have to configure your OS bootup sequence to execute XAMPP. The general procedure for configuring your system involves some diagnostic work. First, you need to determine the default runlevel. Run egrep with the following parameters:
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Table 6-6. Cumulative Aggregates, Until totalqty First Reaches or Exceeds 1000 (Abbreviated)
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instead places both visual and verbal information in the slide area.
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<register type="MyOtherObject"> <property name="BusinessComponent" /> <property name="DataSource" value="CorpData42" /> <property name="Logger" dependencyName="StdLogger" dependencyType="ILogger" /> </register>
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The following subcommand runs a backup job:
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Expect to be tested on stub zones on the 70-291 exam. First and foremost, you need to be able to recognize scenarios in which deploying a stub zone is appropriate.
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FIguRE 27-1 How Windows performs a synchronous I/O operation
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Note The =SUBTOTAL(function_num,reference) function, which you can use to calculate
6. 7. 8. 9.
Windows Security Fundamentals
8 Methods
Laying Out Files and Programs
Re-entrant code problems with global data Code that can be entered by more than one thread of control is becoming increasingly common. Such code is used in programs for Microsoft Windows, the Apple Macintosh, and Linux and also in recursive routines. Re-entrant code creates the possibility that global data will be shared not only among routines, but among different copies of the same program. In such an environment, you have to make sure that global data keeps its meaning even when multiple copies of a program are running. This is a significant problem, and you can avoid it by using techniques suggested later in this section.
Like creating a meal, there is much to consider when creating software especially as the meal (or software) grows in size and complexity. Add to that the possibility of creating a menu for an entire week or multiple releases of a software program and the list of factors to consider can quickly grow enormous.
With this version of the code, the CCCheck .exe tool just takes our word for it and concludes that s_name always refers to a string containing at least one letter . This version of the ShowFirstLetter method passes the code contract static checker without any warnings at all . Now, let s talk about the Code Contract Reference Assembly Generator tool (CCRefGen .exe) . Running the CCRewrite .exe tool to enable contract checking helps you find bugs more quickly, but all the code emitted during contract checking makes your assembly bigger and hurts its runtime performance . To improve this situation, you use the CCRefGen .exe tool to create a separate contract reference assembly . Visual Studio invokes this tool for you automatically if you set the Contract Reference Assembly combo box to Build . Contract assemblies are usually named AssemName .Contracts .dll (for example, MSCorLib .Contracts .dll), and these assemblies contain only metadata and the IL that describes the contracts nothing else . You can identify a contract reference assembly because it will have the System.Diagnostics. Contracts.ContractReferenceAssemblyAttribute applied to the assembly s assembly definition metadata table . The CCRewrite .exe tool and the CCCheck .exe tool can use contract reference assemblies as input when these tools are performing their instrumentation and analysis . The last tool, the Code Contract Document Generator tool (CCDocGen .exe), adds contract information to the XML documentation files already produced by the C# compiler when you use the compiler s /doc:file switch . This XML file, enhanced by the CCDocGen .exe tool, can be processed by Microsoft s Sandcastle tool to produce MSDN-style documentation that will now include contract information .
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