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In order to expand the result set to the nearest 10 points of interest instead of 1, two modifications are needed . First, both of the TOP 1 specifications must be changed to TOP 10 . Second, an additional predicate must be added to the CTE s WHERE clause to ensure that the distance ranges for different values of n do not overlap . If they do, distinct values of n may produce duplicate results, and the 10 rows generated by the CTE will not correspond to 10 different points of interest . The following query will return the 10 points of interest nearest to @input:
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Why Fibers
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Report Type Includes the following report types: Report Wizard Report, Existing File, and Link to Web Page. The Existing File option allows you to upload a report file to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The Link to Web Page option stores a link pointing to a web address. The web page address can be either an internal or external URL. File Location Displays an upload dialog box that appears when you specify a report type of Existing File. Web Page URL Specifies a web page to use for a report. Name Displays the name of the report. The report name appears in the Report views, so try to be as descriptive as possible. If you enter the name of an existing report, Microsoft Dynamics CRM will ask if you want to overwrite the existing report file. Description Allows you to enter more information about what the report does. The description appears in the Reports view. Parent Report Specifies the parent report for the report's drill-through functionality to work, if the report is a sub-report. The parent report must already exist in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Categories Indicates one or more categories to which the report will belong. We explain report categories in more detail later in this chapter.
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Planning the Rest of Your Slides
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Note Remember that source code for this book is available in the Source Code area at http://www.
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Navigation Controls
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Lessons in this chapter:
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The DataGrid control is designed to assist you in displaying data in a row/column format, similar to a spreadsheet. It is a datagrid, as opposed to just a grid, because it is bindable to a data source. You look at how to display data in more detail in 12, Building Connected Applications with Silverlight, but to understand the power of the DataGrid, you will also use some of those techniques here. When you add a DataGrid control to your Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) surface, you end up with XAML like this:
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public void run() { try { while (true) { try { // do some important operation that can result // in state problems if stopped suddenly } catch (ThreadAbortException) { Console.WriteLine("Got inner abort exception."); } finally { Console.WriteLine("Tidy up."); } } } catch (ThreadAbortException) { Console.WriteLine("Got outer abort exception."); } }
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Adanced Account Setup Options
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Basic Variables
Step C usually comprises several different sub-steps:
Do not leave anything open to free interpretation . Use borders or distinct colors to create groups and do not use lines to separate objects that belong together if you want the observer to quickly identify a group .
Dynamic Data, XBAP, MVC, AJAX, and Silverlight
Part I:
Part II
In this exercise, you configure Computer2 to obtain an address automatically. This pro cedure allows the computer to lease an address from the newly configured DHCP server. 1. From Computer1, while you are logged on to Domain1 as Administrator, open the DNS console.
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