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14 Spatial Data
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Listing 5-6. ConferenceDAOImpl, a Hibernate-specific Concrete DAO Implementation package com.integrallis.techconf.dao.hibernate; import java.util.Date; import java.util.List; import javax.ejb.Stateless; import org.hibernate.Criteria; import org.hibernate.criterion.Restrictions; import com.integrallis.techconf.dao.ConferenceDAO; import com.integrallis.techconf.domain.Conference; import com.integrallis.techconf.domain.Room; @Stateless public class ConferenceDAOImpl extends BaseAbstractDAO implements ConferenceDAO { public ConferenceDAOImpl(SessionFactory sessionFactory) { super(sessionFactory); } public Conference getConference(int conferenceId) { return (Conference) getEntityById(Conference.class, conferenceId); } public Conference getConferenceByName(String name) { return (Conference) findUniqueFiltered(Conference.class, Conference.PROP_NAME, name); } @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") public List<Conference> getActiveConferences(Date beginDate, Date endDate) { Criteria criteria = createCriteria(Conference.class) .add( Restrictions.between(Conference.PROP_START_DATE, beginDate, endDate)) .add( Restrictions.between(Conference.PROP_END_DATE, beginDate, endDate)); return criteria.list(); }
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Use redundant IAS servers, and make sure that they stay synced. The procedures for how to set them up are shown in 6, Deploying Remote Access VPNs and in 9, Deploying Site-to-Site VPNs. Command-line operations can be used to make sure these redundant IAS servers are synced when they are installed. (Please refer to the documentation in the referenced chapters, and follow the com plete procedures outlined there.) Because the focus of this book is VPN and not IAS in particular, make sure to search for IAS in Help And Support Center, and read the articles at for information and best practices on IAS operations.
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Adding one or more servers running Windows Server 2008, or Windows Small Busik ness Server 2008, as shown in Figure 3-2, is a client/server network one or more servers and multiple clients, all sharing a single security policy. The servers provide both the resources and the security policy for the network, and the clients are the computers that use the resources managed by the server.
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description of the entity, it won t be confused with something else. And it s easy to remember because the name is similar to the concept. For a variable that represents the number of people on the U.S. Olympic team, you would create the name numberOfPeopleOnTheUsOlympicTeam. A variable that represents the number of seats in a stadium would be numberOfSeatsInTheStadium. A variable that represents the maximum number of points scored by a country s team in any modern Olympics would be maximumNumberOfPointsInModernOlympics. A variable that contains the current interest rate is better named rate or interestRate than r or x. You get the idea. Note two characteristics of these names. First, they re easy to decipher. In fact, they don t need to be deciphered at all because you can simply read them. But second, some of the names are long too long to be practical. I ll get to the question of variable-name length shortly. Here are several examples of variable names, good and bad:
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You need to edit the template code, so click the Edit HTML button, as shown in Figure 6-8, to open the Template HTML Editor. The Joomla Administrator interface provides a very basic text editor so that you can make minor changes to the template, even remotely without needing FTP or direct file access.
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What makes hit counts so useful is that when you're stopped in the debugger, the debugger tells you how many times the breakpoint has executed. If you have a loop that's crashing or corrupting data but you don't know which iteration is causing the problem, add a location breakpoint to a line in the loop and add a hit-count modifier that is larger than the total number of loop iterations. When your program crashes or the corruption occurs, bring up the Breakpoints window and, in the Hit Count column for that breakpoint, you'll see the number times that loop executed in parentheses. The Breakpoints window shown in Figure 5-6 displays the remaining hit count after a data corruption. For native code, keep in mind that the remaining count works only when your program is running at full speed. Singlestepping over a breakpoint doesn't update the hit count.
2 This is the code for the nominal case.
Logging practice
You should consider delegating a zone within your network whenever any of the fol lowing conditions are present:
Set Theory and Predicate Logic
Windows Security Fundamentals
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