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scenarios, the dial-in properties for all user accounts are assumed to be left at the default setting of Control Access Through Remote Access Policy. Remote Access VPN In a basic remote access scenario, the VPN allows a telecom muter to connect to an office network through the Internet. To allow this type of VPN, an administrator typically defines a remote access policy granting access to connec tions matching a NAS-Port-Type condition of Virtual (VPN) and a Windows-Groups condition matching a group created specifically for the purpose of allowing VPN access. On the client side, the telecommuter uses the New Connection Wizard to create a VPN connection specifying his/her own user credentials and the IP address of the remote VPN server. The user then dials in to a local ISP and connects to the office intra net through the VPN connection. Alternatively, if the user is logging on to a domain over the VPN connection, he/she can specify both the VPN and ISP connections through the Log On To Windows dialog box. Figure 10-29 illustrates this scenario.
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Setting External Date Range Properties
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If a connection matches all the conditions of a remote access policy and is granted remote access permission, the remote access policy profile specifies a set of con nection restrictions. The dial-in properties of the user account also provide a set of restrictions. Where applicable, user account connection restrictions override the remote access policy profile connection restrictions. Remote access policies consist of the following elements:
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If you do not need to worry about data being stored on workstations, you can make them disposable. Note that getting to this stage will take discipline, along with hardware that permits you to implement a strategy like this. However, this is a business decision you need to make. Do you want to greatly simplify your desktop operating procedures, buy hardware and software that lends itself to that, and buy some really big storage servers, or do you want to have complicated and costly desktop operating procedures and spend less up front
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Using the PayPal Single Item Purchases Feature
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15 Digital Media Essentials
Part III Processes
etting up a POP3 e-mail account requires some details about the account and about the settings used by the account provider. These settings can be usually
Part I Introducing Silverlight 3 Before getting your hands dirty with the code, it s a good idea to understand all the installation cases that you are likely to face. After the installation experience has been designed, a Web author should generate several variants of that experience to account for special states that a user might be in when visiting the Silverlight-enabled application. These variations are different only in text, but will greatly improve the user's confidence in the application and the platform. Users can view the Silverlight installation experience on a Web site in one of six states. The message users are presented with, if any, should be a variant of the installation experience that is semantically equivalent to the recommendations given in Table 6-2. TABLE 6-2 Silverlight Install States
Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the contents of the book and of this CD. As corrections or changes are collected, they will be added to a Microsoft Knowledge Base article. Microsoft Press provides support for books and companion CDs at the following Web site: If you have comments, questions, or ideas regarding the book or this CD, or questions that are not answered by visiting the site above, please send them via e-mail to: You can also click the Feedback or CD Support links on the Welcome page. Please note that Microsoft software product support is not offered through the above addresses. If your question is about the software, and not about the content of this book, please visit the Microsoft Help and Support page or the Microsoft Knowledge Base at: In the United States, Microsoft software product support issues not covered by the Microsoft Knowledge Base are addressed by Microsoft Product Support Services. Location-specific software support options are available from: Microsoft Press provides corrections for books through the World Wide Web at To connect directly to the Microsoft Press Knowledge Base and enter a query regarding a question or issue that you may have, go to
Back in 2, I introduced the symbol server technology, and without a doubt, it's one of the most important advances in Windows debugging in years. You should have your own symbol server set up by now and be using the _NT_SYMBOL_PATH environment variable so that Visual Studio .NET will use the symbol server. WinDBG will automatically pick the _NT_SYMBOL_PATH environment variable as the base symbol path to use. WinDBG uses workspaces to store specific information about each process you debug, such as breakpoints, window layout, and symbol paths. Just starting WinDBG before opening a process allows you to change the settings of the base workspace from which all others will inherit their settings. You'll know you're in the base workspace because no MDI child windows are open in the WinDBG frame. By getting the base workspace set with the common values you need across all processes, you'll save yourself a tremendous amount of hassle. After setting the _NT_SYMBOL_PATH environment variable, you'll need to tell WinDBG where to find common source files. Although you can set the source file paths through an environment variable, _NT_SOURCE_PATH (see the DEBUGGER.CHM file for all the details), there's an easier way. With the base workspace open in WinDBG, click on the File, Source File Path menu to open the Source Search Path dialog box in which you can enter the paths to common source file locations. At a minimum, you'll always want your default location to look for the C run time and MFC/ATL source code, so you should enter something like the following paths. Note that I separated all the individual paths so that you could see them more easily, but you should enter the values on one line. <Visual Studio .NET Installation Dir>\vc7\crt\src; <Visual Studio .NET Installation Dir>\vc7\crt\src\intel; <Visual Studio .NET Installation Dir>\vc7\atlmfc\include; <Visual Studio .NET Installation Dir>\vc7\atlmfc\src\mfc; <Visual Studio .NET Installation Dir>\vc7\atlmfc\src\atl; <Visual Studio .NET Installation Dir>\vc7\atlmfc\src\atl\atls; <Visual Studio .NET Installation Dir>\vc7\atlmfc\src\atl\atlmincrt; You can separate multiple directories with semicolons just as you can with normal paths. If you really have a burning desire to use NTSD, set the environment variable _NT_SOURCE_PATH to the same value. The final path you'll want to set is the executable image path, which is what WinDBG uses to find binary files. If you're doing live debugging, WinDBG will automatically find the files and load them. However, if you're going to be debugging minidumps, which WinDBG excels at, you'll need to tell WinDBG where it's supposed to look for the binaries. If you followed my recommendations in 2 when setting up your symbol engine, you put both the operating system and your product symbols and binaries into your symbol server. You can set the executable path for the base workspace by selecting File, Image File Path and entering the same string that you're using for your symbol path or the _NT_SYMBOL_PATH environment variable. WinDBG is smart enough to properly handle getting the binaries on your minidumps directly from your symbol server. The fact that WinDBG can handle minidumps no matter whether they come from a customer or your manager's machine makes is a key reason you need to spend time with WinDBG. Even if you set the environment variable _NT_EXECUTABLE_IMAGE_PATH to tell Visual Studio .NET where it can find the executables, Visual Studio .NET doesn't load them. Since minidumps are so important for finding problems in production environments, WinDBG is vital to your bug squashing. 320
After you ve created a secondary value axis, you can also define a second category axis for a chart . There are two primary reasons:
Before we get into the chapters that explain how to develop programs for the Microsoft .NET Framework, let s discuss the steps required to build, package, and deploy your applications and their types. In this chapter, I ll focus on the basics of how to build components that are for your application s sole use. In 3, I ll cover the more advanced concepts you ll need to understand, including how to build and use assemblies containing components that are to be shared by multiple applications. In both chapters, I ll also talk about the ways an administrator can use information to affect the execution of an application and its types. Today, applications consist of several types. (In the .NET Framework, a type is called a component, but in this book, I ll avoid the term component and use type instead.) Applications typically consist of types created by you and Microsoft as well as several other organizations. If these types are developed using any language that targets the common language runtime (CLR), they can all work together seamlessly; a type can even use another type as its base class, regardless of what languages the types are developed in. In this chapter, I ll also explain how these types are built and packaged into files for deployment. In the process, I ll take you on a brief historical tour of some of the problems that the .NET Framework is solving.
The top four expressions all work right away with irb (try them out now!) and get the answers you d expect from such basic operations (1 + 2 results in 3, "a" + "b" + "c" results
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