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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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Figure 2-21 Press F4 to change the reference style of your formula arguments
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.NET interprets any format string that is a single character followed by optional digits as a standard numeric format string. If the character doesn't match one of those in Table 8-3, ToString throws a FormatException. A format string containing more than one character is a custom format string.
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Using a Fixed XML Plan
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calls Parse frequently, and Parse throws exceptions repeatedly (due to invalid user input), performance of the application suffers . For these performance-sensitive uses of Parse, Microsoft added TryParse methods to all of the numeric data types, DateTime, DateTimeOffset, TimeSpan, and even IPAddress . This is what one of the two Int32 s two TryParse method overloads looks like:
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In this exercise, you install Active Directory and promote Computer1 to the status of domain controller in a new domain. 1. Log on to Computer1 as Administrator. 2. Verify that Computer1 is disconnected from the Internet. 3. Click Start, and then click Manage Your Server. The Manage Your Server page appears. 4. On the Manage Your Server page, click the Add Or Remove A Role option. The Preliminary Steps page of the Configure Your Server Wizard appears. 5. Read the text on the page, and then click Next. The Server Role page appears. 6. In the Server Role list, select Domain Controller (Active Directory), and then click Next. The Summary Of Selections page appears. 7. Read the text on the page, and then click Next. The Welcome page of the Active Directory Installation Wizard appears. 8. Click Next. The Operating System Compatibility page appears. 9. Read all of the text on this page, and then answer the following question in the space provided. What is the restriction that applies to clients running Microsoft Windows 95 and Microsoft Windows NT 4 SP3 or earlier
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IF @prevapp IS NOT NULL INSERT INTO @Result VALUES(@prevapp, @mx); CLOSE C; DEALLOCATE C; SELECT * FROM @Result; SET @dt4 = GETDATE(); PRINT CAST(@numrows AS VARCHAR(10)) + ' rows, set-based: ' + CAST(DATEDIFF(ms, @dt1, @dt2) / 1000. AS VARCHAR(30)) + ', cursor: ' + CAST(DATEDIFF(ms, @dt3, @dt4) / 1000. AS VARCHAR(30)) + ' (sec)';
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Target "UpdateAssemblyInfoFiles" in file "C:\Data\MSBuildExamples\Contrib\Microsoft\AssemblyInfoTask\Microsoft.VersionNumber.targets" from project "C:\Data\MSBuildExamples\Examples.Tasks\Examples.Tasks.csproj": Building target "UpdateAssemblyInfoFiles" completely. Output file "obj\Debug\Examples.Tasks.dll" does not exist. Using "AssemblyInfo" task from assembly "C:\Data\MSBuildExamples\Contrib\Microsoft\AssemblyInfoTask\assemblyinfotask.dll". Task "AssemblyInfo" Updating assembly info for Properties\AssemblyInfo.cs Updating major version to 1 Updating minor version to 0 Update method is DateString Updating build number to 010913 Update method is AutoIncrement Updating revision number to 03 Final assembly version is 1.0.010913.03 Updating major version to 1 Updating minor version to 0 Update method is DateString Updating build number to 010913 Update method is AutoIncrement Updating revision number to 03 Final assembly version is 1.0.010913.03 Done executing task "AssemblyInfo".
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Monitoring Performance in Real Time
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If you ve configured your system to log on automatically, you can suppress the automatic logon by holding down the left Shift key as the system boots . If you want to prevent users from bypassing the automatic logon (thereby ensuring that your system always starts with a particular account), you can use a registry setting to make the system ignore the Shift key . Use Registry Editor to navigate to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\ WindowsNT \CurrentVersion\Winlogon . If the string value IgnoreShiftOverride doesn t exist, create it . Set this value to 1 to ensure that your system always starts with its auto-logon account .
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DataList Control
from such a design is not very transparent . All possible constraints except the primary key are included in the domain . Operations allowed on EmployeeDomain values are not commonly known; the author of the domain has to explain them to the public . The number of operations that the creator of the domain has to define can rise substantially with the complexity . Remember, you usually don t know who the users of the domain are going to be . It is quite possible that the constraints will not be acceptable to all of them . You don t want to implement such a high level of encapsulation . Clearly, the second design is more practical to use . You realize that simple domains are preferable for relational database design . But why do you call built-in types such as integers simple Well, that s because it is simple for you to deal with values of those types . From school, you know which operations are allowed with integer types, how the operations are named, and how they should be implemented . You don t have to learn new concepts to handle integers . The producers of database management systems are implementing standard definitions . This is why you regard built-in types as simple . Even a small deviation from commonly accepted concepts, such as SQL Server s DATETIME data types, involves complexities that you have to learn and deal with . That s the main reason why the second design of a relation is preferable (the design with simple domains, where propositions are more transparent to read . You can build constraints in many different places:
This code generates the following output:
Remembering how Microsoft Dynamics CRM displays primary and related entities in the user interface can help eliminate some confusion when you try to decide how to set up your custom entity relationships.
figure 8 Logic for an initial request to an application
Part III Processes
You do not need to write any code to use the Login control. It works automatically with the site configuration to authenticate users by using forms-based authentication.
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