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DECLARE @root AS INT = 1; WITH Subs AS ( SELECT empid, empname, 0 AS lvl, CAST('.' + CAST(empid AS VARCHAR(10)) + '.' AS VARCHAR(MAX)) AS path, -- Obviously root has no cycle 0 AS cycle FROM dbo.Employees WHERE empid = @root UNION ALL SELECT C.empid, C.empname, P.lvl + 1, CAST(P.path + CAST(C.empid AS VARCHAR(10)) + '.' AS VARCHAR(MAX)), -- Cycle detected if parent's path contains child's id CASE WHEN P.path LIKE '%.' + CAST(C.empid AS VARCHAR(10)) + '.%' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END FROM Subs AS P JOIN dbo.Employees AS C ON C.mgrid = P.empid AND P.cycle = 0 -- do not pursue branch for parent with cycle ) SELECT empid, empname, cycle, path FROM Subs;
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Appendix A. Platform Integration
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22 CLR Hosting and AppDomains
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IFormattable s ToString method takes two parameters . The first, format, is a string that tells the method how the object should be formatted . ToString s second parameter, formatProvider, is an instance of a type that implements the System.IFormatProvider interface . This type supplies specific culture information to the ToString method . I ll discuss how shortly .
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Always set to VS_FFI_FILEFLAGSMASK (defined in WinVer .h as 0x0000003F) . Always 0 . Currently always VOS__WINDOWS32 . Set to VFT_APP if /target:exe or /target:winexe is specified; set to VFT_DLL if /target:library is specified . Always set to VFT2_UNKNOWN . (This field has no meaning for VFT_APP and VFT_DLL .)
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string soapText = Encoding.UTF8.GetString(buf); The MemoryStream object reads data only as bytes. Especially in a strong-typed environment like the .NET Framework, an array of bytes and a string are as different as apples and oranges. Fortunately, the encoding classes provide for handy conversion methods. The Encoding static class belongs to the System.Text namespace. Deserializing Objects To rebuild a living instance of a previously serialized object, you call the Deserialize method on the specified formatter. The deserializer returns an object that you cast to the particular class type you need, as shown here: StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(filename); Employee emp1 = (Employee) soap.Deserialize(reader.BaseStream); reader.Close(); The .NET Framework serialization mechanism also allows you to control the postdeserialization processing and explicitly handle data being serialized and deserialized. In this way, you are given a chance to restore transient state and data that, for one reason or another, you decide not to serialize. Remember that by marking a field with the [NonSerializable]attribute, you keep it out of the serialized stream. By implementing the IDeserializationCallback interface, a class indicates that it wants to be notified when the deserialization of the entire object is complete. The class can easily complete the operation by re-creating parts of the state and adding any information not made serializable. The OnDeserialization method is called after the type has been deserialized. Finally, it goes without saying that you can't serialize to, say, SOAP, and then pretend to deserialize using the binary formatter. See the section "Further Reading," on page 518, for more information about run-time binary and SOAP serialization. From SOAP to XML Serialization A second, very special type of .NET Framework serialization is XML serialization. Compared to ordinary .NET Framework object serialization, XML serialization is so different that it shouldn't even be considered another type of formatter. It is similar to SOAP and binary formatters because it also persists and restores the object's state, but when you examine the way each serializer works, you see many significant differences. XML serialization is handled by using the XmlSerializer class, which also enables you to control how objects are encoded into elements of an XML schema. In addition to differences in goals and implementation details, the strongest difference between runtime and XML serialization is in the level of type fidelity they provide. Run-time object serialization guarantees full type fidelity. For this reason, binary and SOAP serialization are particularly well-suited to preserving the state of an object across multiple invocations of an application. For example, .NET Framework remoting (see 12) uses run-time serialization to marshal objects by value from one AppDomain to another. Whereas run-time serialization is specifically aimed at serializing object instances, XML serialization is a system-provided (as opposed to object-provided) mechanism for serializing the data stored in an object instance into a well-formed schema. The primary goal of XML serialization is making another application, possibly an application running on a different platform, effectively able to consume any stored data. Let's recap the key differences between run-time and XML serialization: Persisted properties Run-time serialization takes into account any properties, regardless of the scope a property has in the context of the class. XML serialization, on the other hand, avoids private, protected, and 391
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SELECT cur + 1 AS start_range, nxt - 1 AS end_range FROM (SELECT seqval AS cur, (SELECT MIN(B.seqval) FROM dbo.NumSeqDups AS B WHERE B.seqval > A.seqval) AS nxt FROM (SELECT DISTINCT seqval FROM dbo.NumSeqDups) AS A) AS D WHERE nxt - cur > 1;
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Relevant Standards
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Install Certificate Services, and configure the certification authority
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SQL> select e.empno, e.ename, e.job, e.msal 2 from employees e 3 where e.msal > (select MAX(b.msal) 4 from employees b 5 where b.job = 'BARTENDER'); no rows selected SQL> This example searches for BARTENDER. The subquery returns an empty set, because the EMPLOYEES table contains no bartenders. Therefore, the > ALL condition of the first query is true for every row of the EMPLOYEES table. This outcome complies with an important law derived from mathematical logic. The following statement is always true, regardless of the expression you specify following the colon: For all elements x of the empty set:
More Info One of the generic custom aggregate techniques uses cursors. For details about
Table 'Orders'. Scan count 1, logical reads 536, physical reads 3, read-ahead reads 548, lob logical reads 0, lob physical reads 0, lob read-ahead reads 0.
The componentized template responsible for showing the contents of a particular department is named department, and you ll build it in the exercise that follows. You ll first create the componentized template and then modify index.php and templates/index.tpl to load it when DepartmentID is present in the query string. After this exercise, when clicking a department in the list, you should see a page like the one in Figure 4-9.
Here you re taking the reference (or pointer) contained in element 0 of the ArrayList and trying to put it into a Point value type, p. For this to work, all the fields contained in the boxed Point object 119
A TOP query can be nondeterministic even when an ORDER BY clause is speci ed if the ORDER BY list is nonunique. For example, the following query returns the rst three orders in order of increasing custid:
T-SQL SQL Signature UDF
Implementing a Simple Spin Lock
Parallel s For and ForEach methods both return a ParallelLoopResult instance, which
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