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Restoring a Backup Catalog
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SELECT ip FROM dbo.IPs JOIN dbo.IPPatterns ON ip LIKE pattern ORDER BY
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Signature and Sample of the Top Slow Queries
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Shipping is somewhat simpler to deal with than tax, although again you can make things as complicated as you want. Because sending out orders from a company that trades via an e-commerce front end is much the same as sending out orders from, say, a mail-order company, the practices are very much in place and relatively easy to come to understand. There may be new ways of doing things at your disposal, but the general principles are well known. You may have an existing relationship with a postal service from pre-online trading times, in which case, it s probably easiest to keep things as close to the old way of doing things as possible. However, if you re just starting out or revising the way you do things, you have plenty of options to consider. The simplest option is not to worry about shipping costs at all, which makes sense if there are no costs, for example, in the case of digital downloads. Alternatively, you could simply include the cost of shipping in the cost of your products. Or you could impose a flat fee regardless of the items ordered or the destination. However, some of these options could involve customers either overpaying or underpaying, which isn t ideal. The other extreme involved is accounting for the weight and dimensions of all the products ordered and calculating the exact cost yourself. This can be simplified slightly because some shipping companies (including FedEx, and others) provide useful APIs to help you. In some cases, you can use a dynamic system to calculate the shipping options available (overnight, three to four days, and so on) based on a number of factors, including package weight and delivery location. The exact methods for doing this, however, can vary a great deal among shipping companies, and we ll leave it to you to implement such a solution if you require it. In this book, we ll again take a simple line. For each shipping region in the database, you ll provide a number of shipping options for the user to choose from, each of which will have an associated cost. This cost is simply added to the cost of the order. This is the reason why, in 11, you included a shipping_region table its use will soon become apparent.
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In the Right section, click Add A Web Part to open the Add Web Parts To Right page, shown in Figure 22-27. Scroll down to the Miscellaneous section and select the TSPortalWebPart check box. Click Add to return to the Companyweb page in edit mode, with the Web Part added. Drag the Web Part below the Site Image. Click Edit in the upper-right corner of the Web Part and then select Modify Shared Web Part to open the TS Web Access properties. Type in the name of the Terminal Server to connect to in the Terminal Server Name eld and click OK to close the properties of the Web Part. If you see the error shown in Figure 22-28, you need to add the SBS server to the TS Web Access Computers local security group on your Terminal Server.
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Control Potpourri
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Figure 4.7 Connecting a DV camera to an IEEE 1394 DV capture card. Analog Video Connections The most common connection you are likely to encounter is between an analog camera or VCR and an analog capture device. Although this provides lower video quality than an all-digital video chain, it will be sufficient for most situations. The most important differences between analog connections will be whether you use S-Video, composite video, or some other type of connection, and this will be dictated by the type of capture device installed on your computer. Connecting to a Capture Device with Composite Video To record video from your analog video camera or VCR to an analog capture device using composite video, your camera, VCR, and capture device must have composite inputs. This is the most common video connection type, and is likely to be available on most cameras, VCRs, and analog capture devices. For this type of configuration, you might need a separate connector for video and audio. Figure 4.8 shows an example of how to connect an analog camera or VCR to an analog capture card.
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What controls would you use to display the customer and orders If you want to use this webpage to add customers and orders, what are some ways that you can provide this functionality
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A. Implement the IPartitionResolver interface. B. Implement the IHttpModule interface. c. Implement the IHttpHandler interface. D. Implement the IHttpHandlerFactory interface.
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Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining Routing And Remote Access (4.0)
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
FIGURE 4-21 Unordered clustered index scan (execution plan)
Step 2 involves creating an XAML element from this string in the Silverlight control. You can do this by using the createFromXaml method. Here s how:
You can avoid endless strings in two ways. First, initialize arrays of characters to 0 when you declare them, as shown below:
using System; public static class Program { public static void Main() { Double d; // '\u0033' is the "digit 3" d = Char.GetNumericValue('\u0033'); // '3' would work too Console.WriteLine(d.ToString()); // Displays "3" // '\u00bc' is the "vulgar fraction one quarter (' ')" d = Char.GetNumericValue('\u00bc'); Console.WriteLine(d.ToString()); // Displays "0.25" // 'A' is the "Latin capital letter A" d = Char.GetNumericValue('A'); Console.WriteLine(d.ToString()); // Displays "-1" } }
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