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Attributes, such as public, private, static, and so on, can be applied to types and members . I think we d all agree on the usefulness of applying attributes, but wouldn t it be even more useful if we could define our own attributes For example, what if I could define a type and somehow indicate that the type can be remoted via serialization Or maybe I could apply an attribute to a method to indicate that certain security permissions must be granted before the method can execute . Of course, creating and applying user-defined attributes to types and methods would be great and convenient, but it would require the compiler to be aware of these attributes so it would emit the attribute information into the resulting metadata . Because compiler vendors usually prefer not to release the source code for their compiler, Microsoft came up with another way to allow user-defined attributes . This mechanism, called custom attributes, is an
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SELECT MIN(A.keycol) + 1 FROM dbo.T1 AS A WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM dbo.T1 AS B WHERE B.keycol = A.keycol + 1);
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A. An HTTP header B. A file c. A time span D. A registry key E. Another object in the Cache
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In 3, you saw arrays being defined like so: x Tip
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Listing 4-3: SetBreakpoint from I386CPUHELP.C int CPUHELP_DLLINTERFACE __stdcall SetBreakpoint ( PDEBUGPACKET dp LPCVOID OPCODE * { DWORD dwReadWrite = 0 ; BYTE bTempOp = BREAK_OPCODE ; BOOL bReadMem ; BOOL bWriteMem ; BOOL bFlush ; MEMORY_BASIC_INFORMATION mbi ; DWORD dwOldProtect ; ulAddr pOpCode , , )
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ASP.NET provides programmers with a set of web server controls for creating webpages. These controls provide more functionality and a more consistent programming model than HTML server controls. Web server controls are based on .NET Framework classes, typically inherited from the WebControl class. Unlike HTML controls, web server controls are not part of the HTML standard. However, ASP.NET renders web server controls as standardized HTML. In other words, if you use the Button web server control, ASP.NET renders it using the <button> HTML markup tag.
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User s Address
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To connect to an unshared drive on another computer, you need to be logged on using an account with the necessary rights. Use the address bar in any window and type the address using the following syntax: \\computer_name\[driveletter]$
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ret.Add(new CityData("Toulouse", 43.6, 1.38)); break; } case "uk": { ret.Add(new ret.Add(new ret.Add(new break; } case "germany": { ret.Add(new ret.Add(new ret.Add(new break; } } return ret; }
Employee e = (Employee) o; ... } }
// [Flags] // Commented out now internal enum Actions { None = 0 Read = 0x0001, Write = 0x0002, ReadWrite = Actions.Read | Actions.Write, Delete = 0x0004, Query = 0x0008, Sync = 0x0010 } Actions actions = Actions.Read | Actions.Delete; // 0x0005 Console.WriteLine(actions.ToString("F")); // "Read, Delete"
Event InitComplete LoadComplete PreInit PreLoad PreRenderComplete
Properties of the DataBoundControl Class
Creating good test cases is a difficult process. Making a single mistake can destroy the intent of the test case. Some of the areas that cause the most problems are the following: Missing steps Hastily created test cases or test cases that assume some steps will be performed whether they are included or not are some of the most common types of test cases that are not accurately repeatable. Too verbose Although it is important to be specific and to provide enough information, unnecessary words or lengthy explanations can make the test case hard to follow. Include just enough information to precisely run the test case. Too much jargon Don't assume that everyone who ever runs the test case (including product support and sustained engineering) knows all of the acronyms, code names, and abbreviations that you do. Spell out everything necessary for your test case to be valuable for the entire lifetime of the product. Unclear pass/fail criteria The test case is useless if, after running the test, it is unclear whether the test passed or failed. Test Case Examples Poor Test Case Example Title: Check encrypted message Steps: 1. Get a v3 certificate
If you encounter a problem completing an exercise, you can find the completed projects in the samples installed from this book s companion CD. For more information about the project files and other content on the CD, see Using the Companion CD in this book s Introduction.
Part IV
Perceiving, Interpreting, Understanding
Unless you have made signi cant customizations and your users have data stored in the SBS 2003 Companyweb site, you can skip this step. But if you do decide to migrate your SBS 2003 Companyweb, follow these steps:
Practice 1: Configure a server running Windows Server 2003 as a remote access dial-up server. Preferably, this computer should be multihomed, but you can configure a computer that has a single network interface card (NIC). Configure RAS policies to require Kerberos v5 and strong passwords. Practice 2: Plan a security structure to meet the needs of remote access clients and users. This plan should involve the use of security groups and possibly the creation of at least one organizational unit (OU). Implement this plan using Active Directory. Practice 3: Create at least one user account by accessing the Demand-Dial Wizard through the Routing And Remote Access snap-in. Practice 4: Examine the various methods of allocating IP addresses to RAS cli ents. Choose a method. Then implement and test it.
When the Ipconfig /all command output or the connection status dialog box reveals that the client address is assigned by APIPA or by an alternate configuration, you can first attempt to refresh the IP configuration by using either the Ipconfig /renew com mand or the Repair button in the connection s status dialog box. If the problem persists, this situation can signal either the absence of a DHCP server or relay agent deployed within broadcast range, a break in the physical connection, or an error at the DHCP server or scope. If you can verify that a DHCP server or relay agent is deployed within broadcast range, verify next that the physical connection to the
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