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reboot. It will not allow you to boot if a core service is disabled.
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When you add an existing component to a solution, Microsoft Dynamics CRM asks if you also want to include any of the component s dependencies, as shown in Figure 5-21.
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Lesson 4
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L12 ="rD"&rL1.Year02Sel+1&".DataSource"
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[HttpGet] public ActionResult Display(string tenant, string surveySlug) { var surveyAnswer = CallGetSurveyAndCreateSurveyAnswer( this. surveyStore, tenant, surveySlug); var model = new TenantPageViewData<SurveyAnswer>(surveyAnswer); model.Title = surveyAnswer.Title; return this.View(model); }
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If there are no messages from the specified conversation group on the queue, this statement returns no rows . In certain, rare circumstances, it makes sense to send a message and then wait for the response from that message . This is normally a bad thing to do because it negates the advantages of asynchronous messaging . However, in some cases, the application needs to know that an action is complete before continuing . In this case, you can receive messages from a particular conversation:
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Implementing the Data Tier
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Well_Known_Text ------------------------------------------------------------------------------GEOMETRYCOLLECTION (LINESTRING (5 5,4 4), POLYGON ((1 1,4 1,4 4,4 5,1 5,1 1)))
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Your .aspx markup should look similar to the following (the Visual Basic @ Page directive is shown).
Table 5-2: Hit.Count Evaluations Hit-Count Evaluation Break always Break when the hit count is equal to Break when the hit count is a multiple of Break when the hit count is greater than or equal to Description Stop every time this location is executed. Only stop when the exact number of executions of this location has occurred. Note that the count is a 1based count. Break every x number of executions. Skip all executions of this location until the hit count is reached and break every execution thereafter. This was the only hit count in previous editions of Microsoft debuggers.
Instead, you must use the following special and simplified syntax:
The line between testing tools and debugging tools is fuzzy. For details on debugging tools, see Section 23.5, Debugging Tools Obvious and Not-SoObvious.
19. Click Next. On the Completing The New Remote Access Policy Wizard page, click Finish.
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