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Appendix A: Configuring ASP.NET Applications in IIS
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Another way in which some ASP.NET controls support accessibility is by allowing users to skip link text. Screen readers typically read the text of links from the top to the bottom of a page while allowing users to choose a specific link. ASP.NET controls that include navigation links provide the SkipLinkText property, which is enabled by default and allows screen readers to skip past the link text (instead of reading a URL back to the user). The CreateUserWizard, Menu, SiteMapPath, TreeView, and Wizard controls each support skipping links. These links are not visible to users viewing the page with a traditional web browser. For example, the following HTML source code (which has been slightly simplified) is generated and rendered to the browser by default when you use a Menu control on a webpage.
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Array Access Performance
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Without the dynamic type, the value returned from excel.Cells[1, 1] is of type Object, which must be cast to the Range type before its Value property can be accessed . However, when producing a runtime callable wrapper assembly for a COM object, any use of VARIANT in the COM method is really converted to dynamic; this is called dynamification . Therefore, since excel.Cells[1, 1] is of type dynamic, you do not have to explicitly cast it to the Range type before its Value property can be accessed . Dynamification can greatly simplify code that interoperates with COM objects . Here is the simpler code:
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This configuration file tells the CLR to load version 2 .0 .0 .0 of the JeffTypes assembly whenever version 1 .0 .0 .0 of the assembly is referenced . Now you, the publisher, can create an assembly that contains this publisher policy configuration file . You create the publisher policy assembly by running AL .exe as follows:
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I got the following logging information on my system for this test:
CHAPTER 6: Introducing Qt Quick
import QtQuick 1.0 Rectangle { width: 64; height: 64 color: "blue" PropertyAnimation on x { from: 0; to: 64; duration: 1000; loops: Animation.Infinite } PropertyAnimation on y { from: 0; to: 64; duration: 1000; loops: Animation.Infinite } }
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Figure 18-5 Importing a recorded ideo in the default AVI format is compatible with the widest ariety of programs, but it uses a frightful amount of disk space.
For a more complicated variation of the previous example, we will use an example where you need to build a set of projects for all the de ned con gurations, and you need to set the output path for each con guration to a different location. We can achieve this by a careful application of target batching. The next snippet, taken from Batching06.proj, contains the Target02 target which demonstrates this.
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