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To create your own query string parameters, you modify the URL for any hyperlink a user might click. This is a simple process, but always getting it right can be time-consuming. In fact, there are no tools built into the .NET Framework to simplify the creation of query strings. You must manually add query string values to every hyperlink that the user might click. For example, if you have a HyperLink control with NavigateUrl defined as page.aspx, you can add the string user=mary to the HyperLink.NavigateUrl property so that the full URL is page.aspx user=mary. To add multiple query string parameters to a page, you need to separate them with ampersands (&). For example, the URL page.aspx user=mary&lang=en-us&page=1252 passes three query string values to page.aspx: user (with a value of mary), lang (with a value of en-us), and page (with a value of 1252).
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Part I ASP.NET Essentials
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Let s start with the most important basic concept . What is actually a chart You ll come across several versions when you search for definitions of the word in different sources . For example, the chart might be a patient documentation to a nurse, a table of accounts to a banker or a fingering manual to a musician . The term chart (which in Latin-Greek origins roughly meant leaf of paper, tablet ) is generally interpreted as a graphical representation of numeric values in a form that is easy to understand . However, that obviously doesn t mean that numbers are converted into pictures (not even in Excel) because graphical representations of texts and contexts such as those images that play a role in the SmartArt topic
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The vast majority of operations in a typical Web-based application will be synchronous, but there are cases in which there is a need to perform an operation in an asynchronous way, especially if that operation can take longer than what is considered acceptable for a typical Web user to wait (a few seconds at most). A typical case of an asynchronous operation is sending email from a service method. This is needed for example to provide the typical forgotten password page in a Web application. In the TechConf application we provide this functionality via the sendPassword method of the User Service as shown here: void sendPassword(String email) throws ServiceException; Obviously we could implement the asynchronous functionality needed from the Mail Service by using Message Driven Beans (MDBs) or straight JMS. But this would require us to agree on a message format and a destination to use between the producer of the message and the consumer, which is the nature of working with a flexible, loosely coupled messaging system. Luckily for us, the JBoss server provides a very powerful extension to do message-driven remote procedure calls (RPCs) by supporting message-driven POJOs. A message-driven POJO works in similar fashion to an SLSB with the exception that all method calls are dispatched via a JMS message queue. The first step for implementing a message-driven POJO is to annotate the business interface with the @Producer annotation as shown in Listing 5-24.
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Permits names that are nonstandard and that do not follow RFC 1123 Internet
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Using Server Controls
The application s Themes folder defines one or more themes for controls. A theme is a set of skins and associated files such as stylesheets and images that can be used within an application to give a consistent user interface to controls. In the Themes folder, each theme occupies a single subdirectory, which has the same name as the theme. All related files are stored in this directory. When a theme is loaded, the contents of the theme directory are parsed and compiled into a class that inherits from the Theme class. Any theme defined outside the Themes directory structures is ignored by the ASP.NET build system.
Part II Programming Silverlight 3 with .NET
UPDATE dbo.VisioDocs SET doc.modify('declare namespace VI= "http://schemas.microsoft.com/visio/2003/core"; delete /VI:VisioDocument/VI:DocumentProperties/VI:SecondCompany[1]') WHERE id = 1;
The first time you connect to a wireless network, Windows adds that network to the top of the list of preferred networks. (A preferred network is simply one to which you have connected before.) If you take your computer to a different location and connect to a new network, that location is added to the list of preferred networks. Each time you turn on your computer or enable your wireless adapter, Windows attempts to make a connection. The WLAN AutoConfig service tries to connect to each of the preferred networks in the list of available networks, in the order that those networks appear. Unlike Windows XP, which included in its preferred networks list only those networks that broadcast their SSID, Windows Vista includes nonbroadcast networks also. This makes it possible to set a nonbroadcast network to a higher priority than an available broadcast network; Windows XP exhausts the list of broadcast networks before attempting to connect to an available nonbroadcast network. You can alter the order of networks in the preferred list and configure any entry for manual rather than automatic connection. To manage the settings of entries on the list of preferred networks, in Network And Sharing Center, click Manage Wireless Networks to open the window shown in Figure 12-8.
Source-Code Beautifiers
<% Option Explicit %> <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Hello ASP World</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY>
If you re using the Visual Studio IDE to build your project, you ll have to add any assemblies that you want to reference to your project . To do so, open Solution Explorer, right-click the project you want to add a reference to, and then select the Add Reference menu item . This causes the Add Reference dialog box, shown in Figure 2-2, to appear .
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