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C ha p ter 3 r U B Y S B U ILDI NG B LO C K S : D a t a , e X p r e S S I O N S , a N D F LO W C O N t r O L
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The login.sql Script
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When considering test cases for automation, there is much more to think about than the execution steps of the test. Before running any steps, the application must be in a state where test execution is possible. After the test is run, it is critical to know whether the test passed or failed, and test results must be saved somewhere for review or further analysis. It can also be necessary to clean up any artifacts created by the test (files, registry settings, and so forth). Finally, the test must be maintainable and comprehensible so that anyone can run or modify the test at any time when it becomes necessary. An automated test is much more than the automatic execution of steps from a manual test case. Good automation takes advantage of the power of the computer to perform testing that a human cannot perform as effectively. Test automation is not a replacement for human testers. Several manual tests and testing activities are far more powerful when performed by a thinking human being rather than by a machine, but when used effectively, automated tests save enormous amounts of time and money.
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You can pull multiple messages from a queue in a single transaction.
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C++ Example of Setting Up a Table to Hold an Object of Each Type
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In active client scenarios, you will nd the following certi cates on the issuer.
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[4]Nicolo [5]W. [3]Steve
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Debugging and Deploying
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Enabling DNS E-Mail Sending
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This class depends on the StringPrinter type that we have installed in the GAC. To compile this class, a copy of the StringPrinter.dll file needs to be in the same directory as the HelloWorld.cs file. We compile the application with the following command:
Colors, Areas, and Outlines
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
This element has one required attribute, impersonate. Set this attribute to true to enable ASP.Net impersonation or false (the default) to disable it. Use the following optional attributes when you want the application to always impersonate one fixed user:
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