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LISTING .9-4 . A web .config file supporting optional login
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TABLE 10-9
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This block rule is hardly suf cient to block all instances or types of instant messag-
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Part II Designing Types
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if (attribute is DefaultMemberAttribute) Console.WriteLine(" MemberName={0}", ((DefaultMemberAttribute) attribute).MemberName); if (attribute is ConditionalAttribute) Console.WriteLine(" ConditionString={0}", ((ConditionalAttribute) attribute).ConditionString); if (attribute is CLSCompliantAttribute) Console.WriteLine(" IsCompliant={0}", ((CLSCompliantAttribute) attribute).IsCompliant); DebuggerDisplayAttribute dda = attribute as DebuggerDisplayAttribute; if (dda != null) { Console.WriteLine(" Value={0}, Name={1}, Target={2}", dda.Value, dda.Name, dda.Target); } } Console.WriteLine(); } }
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1 . What are the two types of web server Button controls that can be created 2. How do you create a TextBox for retrieving a password from a user 3. How do you make a CheckBox cause immediate postback to the server 4. If you are migrating classic ASP pages to ASP.NET, what type of server controls
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internal sealed class SomeType { private static Int32 s_x = 5; static SomeType() { s_x = 10; } }
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refresh the display, select the instance of NOTEPAD.EXE you started up a moment ago, and then press Ctrl+D to change the view to show the DLLs for Notepad. Activate Notepad and select Open from Notepad's File menu. Leave the Open dialog box open in Notepad and switch back to Process Explorer. Press F5 to refresh Process Explorer's display and you'll see a bunch of lines appear in green in NOTEPAD.EXE's DLL view, as shown in Figure 14-2. The green indicates which DLLs came into the address space since the last refresh. Of course, you can also see which DLLs leave the address space by switching back to Notepad and closing the Open dialog box, returning to Process Explorer, and refreshing the display with F5. All DLLs that have left the address space are shown in red. This ability to quickly see what's coming into and out of your processes is very helpful in determining what's causing module loads and unloads. An added benefit is that the color highlighting showing what's been loaded and unloaded also applies to the EXE listing in the upper half of the Process Explorer display.
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you will see that null values make things slightly more complicated in SQL, but for the moment, we won t worry about them.) Listing 4-11 shows an example of a WHERE clause with a simple condition. Listing 4-11. A WHERE Clause with a Simple Condition select ename, init, msal from employees where msal >= 3000; ENAME -------SCOTT KING FORD INIT MSAL ----- -------SCJ 3000 CC 5000 MG 3000
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Windows Internal Database
Configuring each device on a wireless network so that they all communicate with each other (and not with nearby networks that share the same airwaves) has traditionally been a tricky task. Understanding the alphabet soup of abbreviations SSID, WEP, WPA, PSK, and MAC, to name a few and providing appropriate values for each is a task for a true wizard. Fortunately, Windows Vista includes a wizard for each configuration task in wireless networking. These wizards, along with configuration support such as Windows Connect Now in modern wireless networking equipment, truly make setup simple: 1. Run the wizard to configure the wireless access point. 2. Transfer the configuration settings to the wireless access point, either through a wired connection or by using a USB flash drive.
Temporal Support in the Relational Model
Core Facilities
public class NewsItemTest { @Configuration(beforeTestClass = true) protected void setUp() throws ConfigurationException { ConfigurationLoader.loadMapping( new File(Paths.BASEDIR + "/dd/dynadto/NewsItem.dto.xml")); } @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") @Test(groups = {"dto"}) public void testNewsItemCreation() { // utility objects Date today = new Date(); // create a News domain object News news = new News(); news.setId(1); news.setUserId(4); news.setTitle("this is the title"); news.setBody("this body"); news.setConferenceId(1); news.setCreatedOn(today); news.setDate(today); news.setIsGlobal(false); news.setIsPublished(true); news.setRemoveOn(today); Builder builder = BuilderFactory.getInstance().getBuilder(NewsItem.class); NewsItem newsItem = (NewsItem) builder.build(news); Assert.assertEquals(news.getId(), newsItem.getId()); Assert.assertEquals(news.getTitle(), newsItem.getTitle()); Assert.assertEquals(news.getBody(), newsItem.getBody()); Assert.assertEquals(news.getConferenceId().intValue(), newsItem.getConferenceId()); Assert.assertEquals(news.getCreatedOn(), newsItem.getCreatedOn()); Assert.assertEquals(news.getDate(), newsItem.getDate()); Assert.assertEquals(news.getUserId().intValue(), newsItem.getUserId()); Assert.assertEquals(news.getIsGlobal(), newsItem.getIsGlobal()); Assert.assertEquals(news.getIsPublished().booleanValue(), newsItem.getIsPublished()); Assert.assertEquals(news.getRemoveOn(), newsItem.getRemoveOn()); } }
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