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Site precompilation was possible in ASP.NET 1.x, but in version 2.0 it has the rank of a system tool, fully supported by the framework. Site precompilation offers two main advantages:
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If you disable recursion on a DNS server using the Advanced tab, you will not be able to use forwarders on the same server, and the Forwarders tab becomes inactive.
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Before you begin the sometimes long and tedious task of turning your project into a movie, you might want to confirm that your aspect ratio and video format settings are appropriate . (Choose Tools, Options and click the Advanced tab to see or change your settings .) Windows Movie Maker normally detects the format and aspect ratio of your video footage and sets these parameters accordingly . For the majority of users in the United States, the settings are 4:3 (aspect ratio) and NTSC (video format) . NTSC, which stands for National Television System Committee, is the standard required for broadcast in the United States and hence the standard supported by video devices configured for use in this country . Windows Movie Maker also supports the PAL, or Phase Alternating Line, standard used in some other parts of the world . If you re planning to render your movie back to a digital-video device configured for PAL, you should make sure the video format is set to PAL . Many recent-vintage camcorders can record in 16:9 widescreen mode as well as the more common 4:3 mode . If your footage was captured at 16:9 and you intend to watch it at that ratio, be sure the aspect ratio setting is 16:9 before you render . You can render 4:3 footage at 16:9 as well, but if you re considering this, be sure to run it through the Preview pane before you render it . Typically, you ll get distortions that you won t be happy with .
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High Automatically approves all security, critical, and de nition updates, and also approves all service packs. This is the default for client computers.
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Configuring Routing for Off-Subnet Address Ranges
present not according to the number of cores. With current processors that support four cores on a single CPU, Windows Small Business Server 2008 supports 16 cores.
Figure 2-1. Code completion with type inference for an HTML element In the next line, x is assigned to the value 10. At this point, x has become an integer, and the code-completion choices that appear are specific to an integer, as shown in Figure 2-2.
The ideal solution for this task is to display specific subvalues by placing them on top of each other to represent one overall value . In the sample chart that follows, the data series are formed from the columns in the data table . Important You can easily change the data series orientation from columns to rows or vice
A network address translator (NAT) between the calling and answering routers.
Your web application s files, database, and settings.
If you were to create an instance of this type, you could easily get or set any of this state information with code similar to the following:
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