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The CTE solution to returning ancestors is almost identical to the CTE solution returning a subtree. The minor difference is that here the recursive member treats the CTE as the child part of the join and the Employees table as the parent part, while in the subtree solution the roles were opposite. Run the code in Listing 9-12 to get the management chain of employee 8 using a CTE and generate the output shown in Table 9-16.
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After editing, copy the text to the clipboard and open a command prompt. At the command prompt type the following command. You can paste in the XPATH expression using the application menu (upper-left corner) of the command prompt. The full command will look like this:
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The lifetime of a server-activated object is controlled directly by the server. When the client creates a new instance of the remote type, a proxy is created local to the client, but the instantiation of the remote type at the server is deferred until the client invokes a remote type member via the proxy. Key points worth highlighting include the following:
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As the previous example shows, adding custom relationships to entities gives you the flexibility to track additional relationship data about how records interact with other entities. You can also use custom relationships to track and manage how records of one entity type interact with records of the same entity type. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 supports these types of self-referencing custom relationships, and we walk through a real-world example of these relationships using the Case entity. As you know, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM customer service module allows a company to capture data about requests and issues that they want to resolve using a case record. As a company starts to build a database with a large number of cases, they quickly see that many of the cases relate to one another. Consequently, the company might want to create a link between these related cases so that once they resolve a single case, they can quickly apply that same resolution to the related cases. In the following exercise, you use custom relationships to create a parent and child relationship between case records.
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rn pct 1 98.87 tsql_code [View full width]SELECT orderid, custid, empid, shipperid, orderdate, filler FROM dbo.Orders WHERE orderdate >= '20060401' AND orderdate < '20060501'; 1 98.87 [View full width]SELECT orderid, custid, empid, shipperid, orderdate, filler FROM dbo.Orders WHERE orderdate >= '20060201' AND orderdate < '20070301'; ...
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by your Internet router. On our network this is 51, so we ve assigned as the IP address for our second server. Your subnet will likely be different.
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Precompile and Publish a Web Application
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Correct Answers: B and C
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<MediaElement x:Name="vid" Source="balls.wmv" Opacity="0" IsHitTestVisible="False" />
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The FileAccess argument specifies whether the file should be opened for reading, writing, or both, using values from the System.IO.FileAccess enumeration, which consists of Read, Write, and ReadWrite. The following statements demonstrate how these arguments can be combined:
sions to access the Web page. In any case, you can access the site from home without a password.
</tr> <% end %> </table> <br /> <%= link_to 'New entry', new_entry_path %> If you re familiar with both Ruby and HTML, you ll note that this view is basically HTML with Ruby embedded in it (with the Ruby located between <% and %> tags). In Ruby and Rails parlance, this is called an ERB template.
Display hierarchical data sets in an intuitive way
Table 1-12. Cursor VC10 Returned from Step 10
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Part I Fundamentals
9, Parameters, to have the compiler infer the type from the expression on the right of the assignment operator (=) . Now, let s focus on what the compiler is actually doing . When you write a line of code like this:
Submitting Changes Data submission is the process in which all in-memory changes are passed on to the back-end system for permanent storage and global availability. In ADO.NET, this submission does not consist of a block of data being sent to the database SQL Server 2000 or any other database in a single shot as an Updategram or a text stream. An ADO.NET batch update executes individual statements on the target system, one for each change that needs to be submitted. For the most part, statements will be SQL statements. The Batch Update The DataSet object can submit data to the database in batch mode by using the data adapter's Update method, as shown in the following code. Data can be submitted only on a per-table basis. When you call Update without specifying a table name, the code assumes a default name of Table. If no table exists with that name, an exception is raised. adapter.Update(dataSet, tableName); The Update method first examines the RowState property of each table row. It then prepares and calls a tailor-made INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement for each inserted, updated, or deleted row in the specified DataTable object. The Update method belongs to a data adapter object, so you need a connection string, or a connection object, to proceed. Rows are scanned and processed according to their natural order (their position in the table's Rows collection). If you need to process rows in a particular order, you must divide the overall update process into various subprocesses, each working on the selected rows you need. For example, if you have parent/child related tables, you might want to start by updating rows in both tables. Next you delete rows in the child table and then in the parent table. Finally, you insert new rows in the parent table and finish with child insertions. The following code shows how to submit only the rows that have been added to the inmemory table: // Submit all the rows that have been added to a given table DataRow[] arrayOfRows = table.Select("", "", DataViewRowState.Added); adapter.Update(arrayOfRows); This arrangement is made possible by the fact that one of the Update overloads takes an array of DataRow objects, which provides for the greatest flexibility. Detecting and Resolving Update Conflicts Data disconnection is based on a clearly optimistic vision of concurrency. What happens if, by the time you attempt to apply your changes to the back-end system, someone else has modified the same records Technically speaking, in this case, you have a data conflict. How conflicts are handled is strictly application-specific, but the reasonable options can be easily summarized in three categories, as follows: First-win The conflict is resolved by silently and automatically dropping the latest change that is, the change that you were trying to submit. To implement a first-win approach, you simply set the ContinueUpdateOnError property on the data adapter to true. If ContinueUpdateOnError is set to true, no exception is thrown when an error occurs during the update of a row. The error information is stored 383
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