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WizardstepType.Finish This is the final data collection step; the Finish and Previous buttons are rendered for navigation. WizardstepType.start WizardstepType.step
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T-SQL UDFs are typically faster than CLR UDFs when the main cost of their activity pertains to set-based data manipulation, as opposed to procedural logic and computations . This is the case with any type of routine not just UDFs . In the function s header you specify its name, define the input parameters, and define the data type of the returned value . As an example of a scalar UDF, the following code creates the ConcatOrders function, which accepts a customer ID as input and returns a string with the concatenated order IDs for the input customer:
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message: "error CS0117: 'System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<string>' does not contain a definition for 'Add'." Some collection s Add methods take multiple arguments . For example, Dictionary s Add method:
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Because so many sites are unrated including both good sites and bad ones Content Advisor lets you create your own ratings for particular sites. To set up a list of sites that you want to allow or disallow, regardless of their claimed content rating, click the Approved Sites tab in the Content Advisor dialog box. Type each site s URL and then click Always or Never.
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End Class
Performance Monitor is a simple tool to help you visualize what is happening on your network and on individual computers. Like Resource Overview, it can display events in real time, but it can also preserve data in logs for later viewing. Insuf cient memory or processing power can cause bottlenecks that severely limit performance. Unbalanced network loads and slow disk-access times can also prevent the network from operating optimally. Bottlenecks occur when one resource interferes with another resource s functioning. For example, if one application monopolizes the system processor to the exclusion of all other operations, there is a bottleneck at the processor. Bottlenecks can occur in Windows subsystems or at any element of the network, for many reasons, including: Insuf cient resources available A program or client monopolizes a resource Failure of a program, service, or device Software incorrectly installed or con gured Incorrect con guration of the system for the workload Performance Monitor helps you to identify where the bottlenecks are so that you can eliminate them. To start Performance Monitor, click Start and type perfmon in the Start Search box. In the navigation tree, expand Monitoring Tools and then click Performance Monitor. The initial screen (shown in Figure 26-3) shows one counter: the percentage of processor time in use. Point at a spot in the graph and an informational window will open, giving the details of that point.
Dynamic mode can be quite useful, for example, if you need to immediately initiate a change to IPSec processing. Although some IPSec commands require you to stop and start the IPSec service, others do not. However, Dynamic mode can also be a mixed blessing. Should you make a mistake in Dynamic mode, you will have no opportunity to discover it before imple menting the change. You could end up creating an incorrect configuration without warning.
Table 16-9. IDataReader Members
To begin sharing programs or your desktop, click the Share button on the command bar or the link in the center of the screen. The first time you do this, you ll see an elaborate confirmation prompt, but you can select a check box to suppress this on future occasions:
Like operator overload methods, conversion operator methods must also be public and static. For conversion operator methods, you must also indicate whether a compiler can emit code to call a conversion operator method implicitly or whether the source code must explicitly indicate when the compiler is to emit code to call a conversion operator method. In C#, you use the implicit keyword to indicate to the compiler that an explicit cast doesn t have to appear in the source code in order to emit code that calls the method. The explicit keyword allows the compiler to call the method only when an explicit cast exists in the source code. After the implicit or explicit keyword, you tell the compiler that the method is a conversion operator by specifying the operator keyword. After the operator keyword, you specify the type that an object is being cast to; in the parentheses, you specify the type that an object is being cast from. Defining the conversion operators in the preceding Rational type allows you to write code like this (in C#):
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