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FIGURE 7-64 The Folder Names page of the Folder Redirection Properties dialog box
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B. Create a method that shares the user s information, and add the ConnectionProvider
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There s another form of the C# using directive that allows you to create an alias for a single type or namespace . This is handy if you have just a few types that you use from a namespace and don t want to pollute the global namespace with all of a namespace s types . The following code demonstrates another way to solve the ambiguity problem shown in the preceding code:
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One more item worth mentioning about sorting on a GridView control is that you can cancel the sorting operation if need be. You write a handler for the Sorting event, get the event argument data (an object of type GridViewSortEventArgs), and set its Cancel property to true. The following code snippet shows how to cancel sorting if the grid is in edit mode:
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How long the account remains (None) locked out before it is automatically (Never) unlocked. To require administrative msDS-Lockout unlock set it to (Never). ObservationWindow value through (Never)
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<Project xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/developer/MSBuild/2003"> <Target Name="TFSBuildCustomizationsZip"> <Error Text="You must specify a value for ZipFilename." Condition="'$(ZipFilename)'==''" /> <ItemGroup> <DebugBinaries Include="$(BinariesRoot)\Debug\**" /> </ItemGroup> <Zip Files="@(DebugBinaries)" WorkingDirectory="$(BinariesRoot)\Debug\" ZipFileName="$(BinariesRoot)\$(ZipFilename).zip" /> </Target> </Project>
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FasterCSV.parse(File.read("data.csv")) do |person| p person end
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This code calls Type s IsDefined method, effectively asking the system to look up the metadata for the enumerated type and see whether an instance of the FlagsAttribute class is associated with it . If IsDefined returns true, an instance of FlagsAttribute is associated with the enumerated type, and the Format method knows to treat the value as though it contained a set of bit flags . If IsDefined returns false, Format treats the value as a normal enumerated type .
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Objects: The Stuff You Want
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For long-running builds or workspaces that have a large number of check-ins, this option may result in unacceptably long build queues. The Accumulate Check-ins Until The Prior Build Finishes (Fewer Builds) trigger minimizes this issue by accumulating any check-ins to the build de nition s workspace until the currently running build completes; once the build completes, a single build will be queued to build the changesets.
public delegate void TryCode(Object userData); public delegate void CleanupCode(Object userData, Boolean exceptionThrown);
Figure 1-31 A simple line chart developed from a two-line chart data range
View IPSec Policy Name IP Security Monitor console RSOP console Netsh ipsec static show gpoassignedpolicy command IP Security Policy Management console Netdiag /test:ipsec command Netdiag /test:ipsec command TCP/IP Properties/ Advanced/ Options/IPSec Netdiag /test:ipsec command TCP/IP Properties/ Advanced/ Options/IPSec
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